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MearCast RDM and Leave with Slur dessert
Offender's Name: MearCast

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84093186

Potential Witnesses: @slater  @"Señuelo Inofensivo" 

Reason to Ban: RDM and Leave, plus continued use of the F slur

Proof: Imgur album has screenshot of unforgiven report. Video has evidence of leave, as well as two separate slur instances. The latter isn't ban-worthy on its own, but wanted to provide extra context for the report.
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Him and lots of guys (e. g. Kaiwan, The N7 Noble, etc) were constantly warned and gagged (sometimes kicked) for slurring even after several verbal warnings from me and others, and it is certain some players were taking advantage of these situations to rdm like in this case, +1
Lots of warnings were given out to players such as N7 Noble who slurred a total of 3 times and warned 3-4 times, Mearcast who was warned by me previously in the video but did not catch the other f slur before he left and rdmed, and shootpoot with 2 warns for f slurs. This will derail the the thread but I feel as though Noble should receive a day ban for reaching the minimum threshold for slur warnings. Back on topic with Mearcast, obviously RDM and Leave should be warranted for a ban, warning threshold was not broken but was close as he slurred twice with only 1 warning established to him. +1
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Banning 1 day for RDM and Leave, slurs are cringe but not at current banning threshold. Will also enter into our watchlist for further monitoring should said user return.

The other users mentioned have received no punishment due to no evidence presented, a new report may be opened if need be.

Thank you for your feedback and report!
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