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am plague

Me Plague, 23y/o male from the slavic shithole pits of eastern europe. I've been playing TTT since 2013 & so far have accumulated over 3k hours on the gamemode, having worked my way up to owner on many servers & have also been a coder for many other communities. 

Found Dink's TTT about a week ago & instantly fell in love with this incredibly funny (mostly mature) & helpful community & now have been active basically every night. Coming from an awfully toxic community, Dink's is an awesome change of pace & i hope to spend a lot more time getting to know the community on a personal level & making new friends on here, hopefully becoming a respected member of the server.

Pleasure to meet you all! 
PUT [Image: qFmo2rj.png]
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TTT Staff  Blush  9/15/21 - 11/12/21, 10/28/22 - 

Never Forget

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Hello welcome
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Ex- TTT Mod
Dong's Favorite Tmod
Welcome to the forums and TTT! TTT is way better tbh  Blush
[Image: G8CbP60.jpg]
“When you meet your God, tell him to leave me alone.” – Guts
one does not escape the Lithuanian bogs.
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Hello, welcome to the community. Just to start you off right, stay away from @slater, he’s a smelly boy!
[Image: baby-yoda-star-wars.gif]
Welcome! I keep coming back after *nearly* 9 years so I'm sure you'll enjoy our community too.
Moderator on TTT

Ahhh Ref...

That was clean

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