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Jahvuh/Mello Unban Request
So where to start..

Oh yes. First off, you're denied due to closing your appeal thread. That results in an auto denial, of course it was going to be denied anyway due to the fact that alt evading a ban is a permanent ban.

Btw, your account with donor has been banned. I'm sure Dink appreciates the donation.

It's silly to think all of this could've been avoided with you coming clean on your initial ban but instead you keep playing games and wasting your own time. 

Considering you've been alt evading since you received your perma I wouldn't expect any appeal to be accepted within any recent time although the next time you can appeal is 12/21/2022

My recommendation is waiting longer to appeal of course and actually SERVING the ban that has been placed. Any further discovered accounts will once again push back your possible acceptance back on to the server. 

If you're smart, serve your time, come back and appeal, make an actual change. (Drop the toxic shit)

If you're dumb, spend more of your money on server on a different account just for it to be banned along with the other like four. 

It makes very little difference to me. Happy Holidays <3
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