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He'll probably do a fine job. +1
I still stand by everything I said in your tmod app, -1
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Hi Laced,
First of all, thank you for your application to join the discord staff team. The team recognizes and appreciates your willingness to help with community moderation.

At this time, the team has voted to deny your application. Quite frankly, the issues are mostly stemming from your past actions, as there are still concerns about possible future repeat of past actions, however unlikely that may be. Our team simply isn't comfortable with having you join in this capacity at this time.

However, I would say that the team does acknowledge your good service record as a TTT staff member so far. Perhaps with enough time passing and enough good history staffing TTT, a future application may do better.

Your application is denied. You may reapply beginning December 27th.
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Never Forget

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