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Blue to Green
I got rid of the original questions I had on this post since I have the answer now.

I was on fence on you getting Mod leaning more towards a yes due to us just not been active at the same time in terms of staffing & behind the scenes stuff.

It's after asking @Chelllman what it is that you are good at he pointed out that you one of the best at catching hackers & after a big of digging to prove that point I decided I would be quite happy for you to have a leading role on the staff team. +1

You can expect me to bug you a LOT more now lol.
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Get Bumped.
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You doing a damn good job, my dude

Thumbs Up 
One of the best staff members. As a very active player with my interactions with you, it's a definite +1 from me.
You have been visited by Santa bump.
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What would separate you from the other Mods??
(11-29-2022, 03:25 PM)Icey Wrote: What would separate you from the other Mods??

Well, for starters, PH actually NEEDS moderators. It is not in a position such as TTT.
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Secondly, the current moderator has extremely low activity on PH. Nullify has collected quite an amount of hours in the past month alone. (Gametracker finicky. Nevertheless, Koshka is hardly on)
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Conclusively, Nullify has some qualities that stick out well enough to persuade me to actually log in to the Dinkleberg forums and provide my honest feedback. Nullify is quite lenient. They do not go as far as making a staff position their personality. Nullify is just as fun to be around as any other player. Not to say other staff don't present this quality, but Nullify sticks out more to me. I say this not because I get into trouble with staff a lot but because Nullify is genuinely joining the server to play and just keep a watchful eye... not to fill a daily gag/mute/ban quota. Nullify doesn't make me feel like they are out to get people just because they can.
Another day another #Bump
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Through a unanimous vote of the PH Admin Team, your application for Moderator has been accepted.

Congrats on making it to the Mod Squad! Okay, Mod "Duo" atm.
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