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Widsquard for trusted 2022
you said non biased but you are biased agaimnst cairbou?!
Hi Widsquard,

Well, @Ryan722 already beat me to it, damn you ryan.  Exclamation Heart Basically a reiteration of what he said plus a same statement of what @Wrom said to include more ban requests to show you know how to properly make ban requests. Not necessary but they are helpful. Same goes for forums and discord activity, they might not be a necessity but it helps to be engaged in those just to allow people to get to know you further. You did good in the format, but as recommended, take some to be a little more active on the server and try to get some ban requests down if you can Smile

-1, Good Luck on your App!

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“When you meet your God, tell him to leave me alone.” – Guts
-1 as I feel you need more playing time and I barely know who you are to be honest. Hope to see you on so I can get a better perspective on you. Nice to meet you, sorry our meet was a -1 on your app lol.
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-1 haven’t had any issues or anything but I think that he’ll need to be more familiar with the community. I think the more he plays and gets to be known again it may very well be more viable in a month or two
[Image: QfjhNQ2.png]

(11-24-2022, 02:27 AM) Wrote: you said non biased but you are biased agaimnst cairbou?!
The non bias part I added goes for decision making. That means even if I was friend's with someone, or even if I found them annoying: that wouldn't make any change in the way I handle situations. And in addition, any players who generate disputes aren't going to effect any professionalism towards launching applications.
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-1 from me. Sorry dude but I have no clue who you are. Typically if you wanna be staff you really need to be active in the community as a whole so people can get to know you.
Have you played on the server under any other names? Just wondering since 135 hours is alot of hours for 13 days on the server and also gametracker only shows you having 59 ish hours on the server as this name. (Gametracker tracks players by name for time on the server.)
[Image: oWCbLWL.png]
Hi Widsquard,

Your application has been DENIED. See your actions captured from how you act on the server shows me you are not ready to be a staff member of our team. Please try and model the actions you see from other staff on the server. If you have any questions let me know.
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