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adnim appilaticon
(12-02-2022, 03:55 PM)Reina Wrote: i’m seriously grateful for your support but i would appreciate it if this thread doesn’t become an argument that will never reach a compromise. the concern they voiced was mostly about my response as a staff member, which was definitely inappropriate. lapis isn’t the person whose behavior should be put under a microscope here, so the criticism was valid regardless of what they’ve said on the server.

I agree that it is a valid criticism, yet Lapis acted like it was something completely out of the blue and something that repulsed them. Thus it would be an unfair statement to say that they expected you to be serious about it when they themselves joined in on the joke.  It's a valid opinion to have, just a fair bit dubious when they have given no hint prior to this that it made them uncomfortable and actually participated in the same action they admonished you for (implying that they were ok with it).
bump, and i appreciate the feedback i've received so far. the encouraging responses were the highlight of my week, and the constructive criticisms have already helped a lot. any other feedback would be welcome c:
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+1 I guess. This is your Christmas present btw.
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Tossing in my one #Bump
Hi Reina,
Closing this out for now. Just because it is in the "denied" subforum doesn't mean its denied - its a Dink decision, which is an auto-deny of sorts until it is accepted.
Frankly I'm waiting for some free time to discuss with KaptainLes before going to Dink with a recommendation. But, ultimately admin for any server is really his call.
I'll give more information soon on our recommendation.
However, I appreciate your willingness to step up and take leadership in the discord. You have clearly established yourself With how dead both Kap and I have been, it is needed, and you can expect to receive more responsibilities moving forward in the weeks to come, whether that be in the form of a community admin or a discord manager of sorts.

I'll be in touch soon for details. You can expect to have this "handled" before the new year.

Thanks for all you've done for our community in service to the discord, and I trust that service will expand in the new year.
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i did it, ma

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