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murder test motvbhgf
Ingame Name: Carson

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:526645317

Time Played: 53 Hours

When First Joined: March 2022

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): Usually 4 PM to 10 PM on weekdays, and 9 AM to 12 PM on Weekends, EST

Rank Desired: Test-Mod

Current Rank: Trusted

What can you do to help the community: I understand the rules of murder, know how to keep the server under control and when to punish players. With the abilities of Test Mod I will be able to control the server better and punish players more efficiently.

Why you want to help the community: Even though murder is dead most of the time, I love the game mode and the players here and want to help out as much as possible.

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): Nope

Have you previously applied for staff (Link Relevant Posts): Trusted

How did you find us?: Through Prop Hunt

Other: Norm's lizard sucks
[Image: image.png]
The first to hit -200 rep on Dinkleberg discord
No brainer +1 @Carson is always getting the ball rolling on murder
+1, I think carter has been one of the most active murder staff members when it is alive and deserves this promotion for his hard work
+1 clemson is like the only murders staff that actually plays
We're just a giant ass
Cheeks are made of children
Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
+1 Carton face reveal.
[Image: ?]
+1 true scrap enjoyer (hes a good trusted, let him into tmod)
Incepimus, Nunc et semper.
This means that "we begin, now and forever", and translates as "always we begin again"
What this actually means is that we should always strive to better ourselves, because tomorrow is a new day.
I hope you take it to heart. Remember, an improvement, no matter how small, is improvement.

Carson's a big nerd -1

Kidding, he's been most active murder staff as of lately and I think he's been doing pretty good job and I feel like he would benefit from being promoted to T-Mod. +1
+1, you are so cute…

Obviously, he’s been grinding to get the hours to be tmod and no doubt has the experience to rise up the ranks in murder staff, even if it is somewhat dead…. ANYWAYS, good luck on your application! 

[Image: G8CbP60.jpg]
“When you meet your God, tell him to leave me alone.” – Guts
Give him test mod already.
Your application has been accepted, congratulations nerd

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