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[TTT] Upcoming Mapvote and Queue System Changes
Hi Again!

I swear this is the last announcement for today. Coming next week we will be updating our MapVote System as well as our Donor/Staff Queue System. @Ryan722 @chibill have had the opportunity to include some excellent quality-of-life updates to these addons we have on the server that will make the overall experience with these systems better and will allow us to do more cool things!

Queue System Overhaul

The queue system is getting a much-needed overhaul. When the update happens, players with the current ability to queue songs will be greeted to a new UI to queue songs. In this new UI, you will be able to put your song title and link as before but, you will be able to test the song before sending it to be queues
[Image: image.png]

As you may see there will be 2 new additional tabs that will be accessible. A "Queues" tab and a "Favorites" tab. In the queues tab, you will be able to view who all have queues loaded and ready to go and see if you will have the chance to hear your own queue within the map. Additionally, you will be able to right-click on the different queues and add them to your favorites list. 
[Image: image.png]

Once added to your favorites list, it will save client-side and will be able to add these to the queue whenever you'd like.
[Image: image.png]

MapVote Changes

In my eyes, we have now perfected the map vote for our community. In this new update, we will be adding two new key features. The first feature is the ability to give feedback on the map played and the second feature is the ability to restrict maps based on player count. 

Feedback is invaluable in our community and giving you, the players, the ability to tell us whether or not you like or dislike a map is so helpful when deciding to remove and add maps. Upon a map finishing, when selecting a new map, you will be able to give feedback of how you thought that map was. Simply clicking upvote or downvote will lock-in your feedback.
[Image: image.png]

The second feature is one that myself and Nicol will have access to but, it's the ability to restrict which maps are playable based on player count on the server. This will allow more opportunities for maps that we haven't been able to add before due to player size. We can now add small maps for 0-16 players up to maps that are best for 20-32 players. We must give thanks to Tiefling as she was the one who prompted the suggestion for the server. 
[Image: image.png]

We are excited about these new changes for what fun content we will be able to bring! I will be leaving the thread open for comments, questions or suggestions!
[Image: Verde_y_Amarillo_Ilustrativo_Generico_En...rtel_7.gif]
Shoutout to the TTT Dev team of course for the amazing work they've done in the name of improving the server.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
good changes
i've edited my post 8 times while you were typing your response.
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Thank you @bryanbrr, @Nicol Bolas, @Ryan722, and @chibill for the changes and @tiefling lesbian for the suggestion!
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