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unban and complaint
Ingame Name: todoroki

SteamID: [test]todoroki[test]轟焦凍Todoroki [test]轟焦凍Todoroki[test]轟焦凍Todoroki[test]轟焦凍Todoroki [test]轟焦凍Todorok
Who Banned You: carson

Reason For Ban: inappropriate text hat 

Length of Ban: day ban

Reason for Mods to Unban: in my personal opinion i don't think my text hat saying "" is a reason to be banned ive seen some text hats on this server that are far worse. also the fact that carson banned me without me acknowledgment of him messaging me in chat, also he just banned me again less then a few minutes ago without even giving me a warning i was looking in chat this time to see if he was going to say any thing and he didn't. the fact that he is just banning me without me even knowing that ive offended a rule is upsetting i like this server alot you can ask the people i play with im a chill dude i dont say anything fucked up. the fact im being banned over a text hat is kind of bs, i also think carson should be stripped of his rank my friends that i play on this server with have told me he power trips alot people like that should't have the power to provent me from having a good time with my friends. 

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): i didnt make a post about the first day ban because i didnt care but this is getting out of hand 

ngl i dont know u but u sound like a crybaby -1
#3 Heres the ban request that I just made!
Your text hat being a link to an nsfw site is an insta perma lol. If you've seen text hats that are far worse, why not make a ban request? Yes the second ban was without warning because I had already banned you for the same thing, and guess what, I warned you 3 times and you didn't respond to a single one. Also maybe if you read the rules you would've known nsfw links are a perma.
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ok personally a text hat saying that isn't anything to go nuts over, but thats just me, carson is not in the wrong for asking you to change it

also they have video with you getting warned like 3 times and you ignoring it while playing the game, then you get off your ban and still dont change it and then here you are banned again

idk what to do with dat -1
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-1 You knew what you were doing and didn't change it after multiple warnings and even your first ban.    
Sure, some people may have disgusting text hats, but that doesn't suddenly allow you to put a porn link in your text hat especially when kids play on the server.
You used to play PH, we have the same rules for porn links. You shouldn't be acting surprised by this ban. Carson gave you ample warning and you are now in the "find out" phase after "fuck around". Just take the ban and appeal at a later time.
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Holy shit you're either ignorant or know what you're doing. That website is a REAL P*RN WEBSITE, and you're playing on a server that could have minors in it. What the fuck is wrong with you? You're also incredibly stupid for trying to say that you weren't warned when you were given above and beyond the amount of warnings you should've gotten. +1 to a perma ban lol
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You're putting real porn website to your text hat and you think its okay to have that on a server that could have minors in it ???

I've upgraded your ban to a permanent and you cannot reapply for unban for 2 months minimum.
If you choose to apply you can't until 3/23/23.

Have a great day.

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