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Group of Bad ghosters : P

Offender's Name & Steam ID: White STEAM_0:0:138257245 The Golden Gamer STEAM_0:0:196527451 Zayza STEAM_0:0:100739778

Potential Witnesses: Garro,Dankster

Reason to Ban: Ghosting 
Proof: (39) 2023 01 24 17 16 09 - YouTube (Golden Gamer) 

[color=var(--ytcp-call-to-action)] (White/Zayza) [/color]

Other: I know my videos are always messed up I've tried to fix it, but my computer is shit : P
[Image: 5aae1d868cbecbd21faa9756bb2d7314.jpg]

You forget about Pikasteel STEAM_0:0:419498230 (ghosting with Golden)

and Zach STEAM_0:1:37743800 (ghosting with White and Zayza)

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