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App for trusted
-1 im the real panda
(03-21-2023, 10:33 AM)PandaInPants Wrote: -1 im the real panda
i cant believe you found this just to lie
Please remember that staff applications are for helpful feedback and suggestions. Try to add in something that could help the applicant and the staff and not just shit post.

tank ya very much

Hello Pander! Thanks for applying!

I honestly never thought you would be one to apply. I recall you being a bit of a problem around the time of your last ban, but I'm happy to see that it appears you have grown out of that phase.

Now lets get down to it. It has been decided that this application is being denied.
you may ask why, well let me tell you.

We love to see that you are popular and well liked in the community but it takes more than that to be staff. In the past popularity did have a bit of weight in decisions but it has failed us on some aspects and the ones chosen have quickly resigned or gone inactive shortly after becoming staff and we want to make sure that doesnt happen. (yea we know real life happens and burn out is real but we want our staff to stick around a while)

What can you do to really drive home that you really want to be staff?
More activity on forums. while we have sorta fallen off the requirement of a certain amount of ban request under your belt we would like to see just a biiiiiit more. If anything, sharing evidence on others ban requests would work if nothing else. Ive seen you present in plenty of ban request videos so adding in a bit there would be awesome.
Keep helping those in server and the discord, Ive seen you answer questions and concerns a few times on both. Keep that up!
Consistency. You made one heck of a come back and I'm happy to see that it seems to be for the best.

We admins would really like to see you apply again if you want to, with just a bit more action for next time.

Please let me or the other admins know if you have any questions!

The soonest you may reapply is 04/21/2023
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