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[Discord] Giselle Bot
What is the Giselle Bot, aptly nicknamed "Wanda Bot" (to go along with the FOP theme) in our discord?

Well, this is our new moderation bot! This bot handles our new points-based moderation system for items in the discord.
This thread is here to explain better how the system will work! The moderation system as a whole is explained in #✅︳community-info.

This is best explained in example form. Lets say we have a fool in the discord. Here, they have sent a bad message, which is in violation of the rules:
[Image: image.png]
Clearly, this user is in violation of Rule 2, which is our rule on Toxicity (Keep a positive atmosphere, no flaming/harassing/etc). This post is a clear violation, as any support of the MP9 is objectively toxic.
Therefore, a staff member issues a warning to the user. When the user is warned, the user will receive a DM from the Giselle Bot account.
The Bot will open what's called a "Case," which is in effect the warning issued. This will include the full text of the rule violated, the specific reason the moderator provided as to why the rule is in violation, any evidence applicable (usually uploaded directly to Giselle Bot but could also be via imgur link/etc), and a case ID #. The DM will also indicate if the user was muted or banned.
In this case, the user received the following DM:
[Image: image.png]
Now, our adversary wishes to appeal the request. There is an argument to be made that the MP9's level of cringe was reduced when the gun was nerfed, and that it is no longer considered "toxic" to support its use. To appeal this, discord mascot will go to channel #?︳contact-staff, and fill out the form that pops up:
[Image: image.png]
To find the User ID, the command -userinfo can be run. The old moderation bot, Auttaja, is still in the discord and can provide some useful functions. Discord mascot runs the command -userinfo in #?︳bot-shit in order to obtain their User ID:
[Image: image.png]
The Punishment Type is usually a Warning, but may also be a Kick, Mute, or some type of channel restriction (such as TTT Muted or PH Muted). The appeal type is why you are appealing - whether you feel the punishment is unjust/improper, or if you think it is proper but you wish to explain what happened/ask for leniency. If you are appealing an old Auttaja strike (which you are still encouraged to do), this may also be an Expired reason, as these strikes are considered expired after 6 months time passes. Here, our foe has filled out the form as follows
[Image: image.png]
Once this is done, a new dedicated channel is found under the Strike Appeals category, located at the very bottom of the discord channel list. In this channel, a discord admin will ask any questions needed. Once a discord admin accepts your ticket, they will handle the case and close it with a decision promptly, ideally within 24 hours of opening the ticket, after the discord staff team discuss the infraction.
[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
In this case, the evidence is compelling enough to get the claim reversed. The admin involved will modify the "Specific reason" which will indicate the appeal was approved. Our anti-deagle friend shall receive a DM from the bot with the updated reason, as shown below. When the admin deletes the case from the record, all points are removed.
[Image: image.png]
Unfortunately, this bot does not provide the number of points in the case DM sent over. To find this information out, users are encouraged to open a ticket to review their warning history with a member of the discord staff team.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a member of discord staff via ticket!
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