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Azurras kick/threat
(11-11-2023, 01:08 AM)Azurras Wrote: This player fails to include that they had already prop killed another player within 30 minutes of this event happening. I posted twice in the chat that prop killing is not allowed. In the moments leading up to this event, the player walks up to me and says, "Hey Azurras, want to see something" while giggling. I was a traitor and knew that he was going to prop kill me, so I start shooting at him. As I shot him, he did exactly what I thought and prop killed me. You can see it in his screenshot just after my shots.

Of course, this player would not include that because he felt I hurt his ego and made this post as if he has no blame in this situation. The players that this player listed as potential witnesses were also witnesses to the event that happened just when the player giggled while offering to show me something (the prop killing).

(11-11-2023, 01:06 AM)Wrom Wrote: +1 I was on when they did this.
Wrom joined after this event happened when the accuser likely asked him to join the server to play as a witness. Wrom immediately left the server after joining for less than 5 minutes.
So 1. Propkilling is allowed, it is KOSable but there are no rules against the action itself
2. You cannot assume a player is going to do something then shoot them and get mad when you are killed for it, you’ve basically admitted that widdy had done nothing wrong in this entire situation.
                                                               BREAKING NEWS

Donator doesn't know the rules and decides that something that isn't rule breaking is and kicks another donator for breaking that rule.

+1 to being given the donor guidelines and given a strike as well
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Widdy brought this up to me in dm's when I saw it I got upset when I saw all the screenshots and such because I have been kicked for the same reason when I never prop killed the person that kicked me.

Also because of how he was acting towards widdy, and from the looks of it he never bothered to go look at his death scene too see that widdy was indeed the culprit, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to work the death scene to figure out who did it. This was honestly a blatant donor abuse and subsequent threat to do it again to widdy even though he never did it, I don't understand why you got so upset about it when you shot first and whoever prop killed you had a reason to do so?

All in all + 1 for donor abuse warning and whatever else the admins feel is necessary here.
Propkilling is allowed as previously stated, blatant abuse here +1

For Azurras to avoid future confusion i recommend you read up on the rules. The best and easiest way i can explain to you how we treat propkilling is just act as if it's similar to someone shooting at/near you meaning you can kill them if you think they're trying to prop kill you. Just take it easy bro donor is not a staff role
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+1 @ing mods in discord takes a couple seconds if a player is being consistently problematic and if getting btfo by a propkiller makes u mad enough to kick them you're coping and need better anger management skills instead of spending ur dollars to buy server powers.

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