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closest you've ever been to dying?
4 years ago i was playing on my grandoas farm (its old) and i found half a pineapple grenade it was not a safe thing to be near

That and that time i had almost gotten eaten by a harvester those big farm things with wheel one of these

Or the time i got electrocuted by a microwave , pc or toaster take ur pick ig

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One time I stubbed my toe really bad.

There was also that time last summer when I was doing conservation work and had a 600lb pound boulder fly down the mountain only a few feet away from me, but the toe was still the closest.
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by age of 6 almost died by drowning 3 times. every year me and my family go to a lake by my moms old house, no1 ever goes there so when camping we see like 2 other ppl total for the entire 2 weeks. anyway, age 3 cousins suppose to look after me but didn't and fell into lake brother saved me but I was passed out. age 4 same lake and brother saved me again don't know how I fell into lake. now at an age I can actually remember age 6 was in the west Edmonton mall wave pool and went under wave of ppl and woke up in moms arms.

then when in like grade 5 I got my first asthma attack got sent walking home alone passed out and woke up in a random dude's arms

that's bout it
Almost died a few times on brush fires back when I was a firefighter. And also almost drowned while surfing on a huge day. That was super scary because I had grown up in the ocean and was super comfortable in the water.
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Maddox is my child

Retired Trusted Staff Only lasted a week
I fell into a lit fireplace once when i was 2
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Was skating down a hill, car was about to come hit me down at the bottom. So I just went faster to beat the car Smile Smile Smile Smile
When I was starting my first semester at college, some dude on his little motorized scooter rammed into me. It pushed me into oncoming traffic and I got hit in the head pretty hard and went unconscious. I had about 7 stitches in my head, as I had cracked my head open. Wouldn't recommend
hiked out right before a storm came in, was hanging out at the shoreline watching the front blow over the water when I realized the rest of the storm had snuck around me and I needed to get back into the deeper forest (was out on some open granite); as I was hoofing it back, made a split-second decision to take the long way through the gully woods instead of going back along the ridge I came in on. Not too many moments later, I'm loping toward the forest and just as I pass by the rock ledge that I would have otherwise been on, lightning strikes it (probably 10 feet from me). Force of it brought me to my knees, felt it in my whole body, ears ringing, the whole arc of it was unbelievably bright and complex (lightning up close looks like electricity inside electricity with a repeating pattern). With how close it was I would have been electrocuted to death anyways but I think the mineral deposit it hit was distinct from the layer that I happened to be standing on? Granite layering is weird. Had so much adrenaline pumping through me, was fear scurrying through the woods to get back to my shelter, knew that I was not safe yet and a few more strikes hit within 20 yards while I made my way back, the storm reminding me that it runs the place (very weather-beaten area, you can tell just by looking at how wind-scuffed all the jack pines are, they're smaller than they ought to be for their age but it's because they have to be wiry with dense stresswood). There is a little bip bap sort of light flash thing that happens toward the top of your eyes when you're in a storm and the big time lightning is about to start, have since been very sensitive to that, has come in handy. Have had brushes with wolves and coywolves, and one million arguments with bears (sometimes you let the bear win the argument but sometimes you say fuck you bear! and they let you win) but it's kind of hard to tell how close you were to doom; like, bears mock charge a lot, but you always wonder if this will be the one that has the moxie to actually fuck you up and kill you. There have been some close calls & some big stressed-out males I've had to run from but I think that lightning is scarier than bear - you are in a bad enough storm and you just randomly have a chance to explode and die, that's uncomfortable.
Reminds me of when I was shooting a very old early 1900's Spanish Mauser rifle. 

I was at a range (a hill of dirt lmao) I was firing it and checking it out. I was testing the safety on the rifle with a loaded chamber because I'm absolutely smart. The safety on the firearm will stop the bolt from traveling but it won't stop it in it's place. (Essentially you pull the trigger and it'll lunge forward but pretty much meet a wall or be stopped) So when the trigger was engaged behind the safety, the moment the safety was flipped off it fired while it was held up in the air. Pretty much was around our heads at the time and very well could have taken someone's skull off their neck. It was chambered in 7mm Mauser so it was a massive round.

Damn sketchy rifles. 

Remember kids, always practice firearm safety when doing sketchy shit.
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