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PH - Requirements for Comments/Feedback on Staff Applications
Admins here to share a message,

We have been noticing that many of the comments and feedback left on staff applications are rather superficial and repetitive. Community and staff support is very important for us to make decisions on staff applications and it's important that feedback is original, offers helpful advice, and provides statements of support or opposition. 

We understand that many of us are friends with other players and enjoy spending time with them. Yet, just being friends with someone or liking them isn't enough to +1 their application. In the same way, disliking someone isn't enough of a reason to -1 their application. We'd also like to hear both negative and positive feedback, regardless of your overall decision. Perhaps you think someone is capable of being a moderator, but would still like them to be a little more patient. Write that down for us to see. 

In summary, comments left on staff applications need to contribute something meaningful to the application and can't be simple "+1" or "-1." 

Comments that fail to provide anything to applications will be removed. 

** If you feel uncomfortable writing about a negative experience on a thread, you may let the admins know via private message on the forums or Discord. We do prefer to keep things public, however, so this should be a last resort option. **

Thank you quiche for making a precursor thread to this for TTT. 

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