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Recommended Binds for Staff
Recommended Binds for Staff
(Not required but can be helpful)
Binds are extremely useful for handling various situations quickly while on the server. The following is a list of binds that are commonly recommended, or that are just nice to have at a moment’s notice.
Whichever key you use for a bind is up to you. Please make sure that your binds are easy to read yet noticeable to users, especially if you choose to add color to said bind(s). These are meant to be as tips, reminders and/or warnings to users on how to do some functions like how to lock rotation, join a team, use the unstuck command, how to bet, etc. Warnings would be for mic/chat spam, afk warning, etc. Please make sure to not spam binds in the chat.
To bind please follow the next example.
Example: Let us bind p to say “Join a team unassigned players by pressing f1 or f2”
Type in the command console (open the console by pressing the ~ that is generally located just left of the 1 key)
Bind p “say Join a team unassigned players by pressing f1 or f2”
Reminder: if you decide to add color, test said color first so that you know it can be seen in many different spots. Colorful text can grab attention if used properly which can help you with many situations. For example, black text may be a bad idea since many maps have dark corners that would make the text near invisible in the chat or that the chat is outside the map if the person hides in a corner of the map that generally appear in all black. Other colors could be seen as bright and annoying so please be considerate on which colors you choose to use.
Example: Bind p “say [yellow]Join a team unassigned players by pressing f1 or f2”
Recommended bind list:
Please remember that these are suggestions, not requirements. This exact wording also is not a requirement as long as the same message comes across clear and within the stated rules.
"Mic/chat spam is against the rules. It can result in a gag/mute if you continue."
"Do not ghost. Giving location/props away as a dead hunter or as a prop, other than just yourself including false hints."
"Type !shop or press f3 to open the shop and purchase additional skins/weapons, etc.”
"Team switching is illegal without staff permission unless it is the 1st round or you are joining your friend(s). Please go back to your original team by pressing f1 or f2."
"For a guide on how to play, press F1."
"If you are stuck, do !stuck or !unstuck. If it doesn't work, let a staff member know so you can be teleported."
"For a list of the server rules, type !motd in the chat."
"Please get out of unassigned and join a team by pressing f1 or f2."
"To bet - Press y or hold tab, drag mouse to 2x and click bet!"
"C to taunt. f3 for shop. X for mic. R for rotation lock. !spots for illegal spots. !motd for rules. !stuck if stuck."
“To mute a player(s), select TAB click his/her name, click MUTE in the top right. Please do not mute staff as you may miss important information”
Finally, you can have the menu binded so that when you hit the binded key, the menu will open without the command showing up in the chat. You can do this bind with whatever key like h
Bind h "xgui"

To check what is currently bound to which keys, do key_listboundkeys in console. Use ~ to open console.

I hope this has been found useful. You can obviously have more or less than listed here, this was to only get you started if you saw fit to do so. Enjoy your day and thank you for reading.
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