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Prop Hunt Ban Request Format
If you are here, then there was/is a troublemaker on the server, and you need/want them banned. Please use the following format and fill out all the information to have the best results. Please note that if you want to post a thread, you will have to make an account on the forums beforehand.

To get a player's Steam I.D., visit their profile and copy their account link. If they leave before you can do this on the server, go to your steam account, select friends, and then select recently played with. A list of players that you have played with will appear and hopefully they will be there (it is suggested that you do not send them a friends request if you want them banned). Then, go to where you will copy and, paste the URL of the user’s steam account link in the search bar. The name with Steam I.D. will appear, if copied correctly, then copy that information from there to your ban request thread.
The following format is requested when filling out a ban request:

Offender's Name & Steam ID: 

Potential Witnesses: 

Reason to Ban: 

Other: (Optional)

Try to get screenshot proof/video proof. If you do not present proof, the likelihood of them being banned/punished is unlikely. Thank you for taking time to read this and to hopefully benefit the server.

The following is an example:

Offender's Name & Steam ID: TheAncientVoss STEAM_0:1:432681128

                                                                                 TheSmurfyShortNuwu  STEAM_0:2:23464180

Potential Witnesses: (trustworthy individuals on the server)

Reason to Ban: Trolling group

[b] [/b]

Proof:      Concrete video evidence or screenshots will always be necessary for a successful ban request.

Other: (Optional) Any additional information that cannot be covered in the previous sections would go here.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

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