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PH - News Bulletin - 7/28/19
In spirit of Nicky fashion, I'm going to do my best to keep these alive.
SO BUCKLE UP KIDDOS. Here's some fancy new updates.

  • Prop hunt staff member of the month of June has been tallied, congratulations to Lt. Deathstar! Congrats nerd, you earned it. He was recently promoted in the past few months to test mod, and it's showing how much he worked to earn it!
  • Our wonderful admin Prince Nicky has decided it was time to tip his cowboy hat on Dinks for the time being, while he pursues his schooling in law. So stay tuned for something special showing up for him in the next week or so. On top of this, in honor of him, he's been made Staff Member of the Month for July!
  • Fish and I revamped and edited up all of the PH documents, including ones for donors, staff applications, and in general things! Feel free to check them out, some of them are super handy to know.
  • Dink did some updates to the server, and finally tweaked everything and got it working! Prop collision, custom commands add-on, the annoying prop view, EVERYTHING IS BETTER HURRAH!
In light of all these positives, I'm sorry to bring about a negative one. We've recently lost a staff member, Sharky, due to some circumstances. We want to bring this to light so that there are no rumors. He was recently demoted for sharing staff chats. Let me make this clear though, no one is to harass Sharky. He was demoted to trusted, but chose to resign on his own doing. This is not to be held against him nor used against him. He is still a valued member of the community.

Let this be a lesson that nobody is above rules, including staff, and show the other staff how serious things like this can be. We are here to make the server better, and sometimes that means doing the hard things.

Thanks for tuning in for the lastest News Bulletin, I'll try to keep them lively and going in place of The Prince.
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-1 not enough forum time
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How to leave the bulletin thread open, o> Nicky never forgotten
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We can only move forward - strive on /
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