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Red man
god speed reed man
Resigned DR Admin
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this is almost 2 months old someone give the man an answer
[Image: Screenshot_105.png]
Player Mega Trap Salad changed name to salsa+kale=best salad
Player salsa+kale=best salad changed name to Cake
UwU Whats this sisters its a trappy wappy Hims a bads man and should gett the goods funishments for twicking the gemer gurls and bois pwease daddy mod pwease dont wet dis injustice continue on dis ser ver
(11-12-2019, 04:50 PM)Kale Wrote: this is almost 2 months old someone give the man an answer

Dink is the only person that can give an answer. Deathrun has like no active staff at all rn.

He's been inactive as of late, but I don't blame em really. Deathrun is a ghost town that could use some leadership to fix it up. Really JumpPower was the only thing that needs to be fixed iirc, but the Jump Pack I believe has been removed, so that should solve some of the issues.

Reed has made changes to help on TTT and DR to a degree, and I think he'll do fine.

I can only support this application if he serious and devoted to help making changes for DR. As there have been countless times members will take a High Position for these other servers that are not PH and TTT, and do nothing to help. As long as Reed is willing to work and help this part of the community grow, I have no problem with supporting this.
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
Resigned TTT & Deathrun Admin.
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only 4 more months till you beat my record
Resigned DR Admin
Resigned TTT Moderator 
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i got big boy donor on DR for a reason
give this man admin

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