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Hey guys, seeing as I might be coming back for some time again after enjoying my time tonight on the server for anyone who is new I want to give you a run down of who I am and why I am here, also why I am not usually here as well.

 I found Dinklebergs after doing some searching and finding that no one from an old community of mine (Chiefeh's TTT) is around anymore. I started playing this game back in 2010 as a Freshman in High School. The times were tough back in those days, where I had feelings and no one seemed to care about them :C. But after getting over it and taking a hiatus from video games to do other things for some years I ended up with my life in shambles and moving to Iowa at the end of 2015. With a trusty laptop and several weeks detoxing off of Heroin I eventually found myself in this community and I had a blast. Most of the people I met when I joined aren't really around too much anymore but that is how the internet goes.

 After having a good amount of consistent play time here during early 2016 and so on, I tried to get my life together and started working hard and forgot the reason why I went to Iowa. Having had a terrible relapse and my life worse off than when I went to Iowa, I moved back to Missouri in my hometown in the middle of 2017. Things didn't stop there though and I continued to use until I went to rehab in 2018. I got out, got sober, got a sponsor and go to AA, got a job that I still have today, and got my life, family and friends back. I think I last stopped by here around the end of the year 2018 and early 2019 and with Sobriety becoming more and more important in my life I had taken a break or also spent my gaming time enjoying newer things.

All and all I still think of Dinklebergs from time to time and that is why I always come back. It was a great place for me to feel like I could belong somewhere and I would like to give that opportunity to anyone else I meet here. SO! Hello! It's a pleasure re-meeting you. And thank you for letting me tell you my life story.
Surprise! I'm back!

 [Image: S9Ww8rX.jpg][Image: 0ZOamkm.gif]
whale-cum back buddy
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Damn another tmod coming back from the dead, welcome back chief!
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Player Mega Trap Salad changed name to salsa+kale=best salad
Player salsa+kale=best salad changed name to Cake
UwU Whats this sisters its a trappy wappy Hims a bads man and should gett the goods funishments for twicking the gemer gurls and bois pwease daddy mod pwease dont wet dis injustice continue on dis ser ver
U so gay

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