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RussEfarmer's Forum & PH Ban Appeal
(The account posting this is an alt, as the RussEfarmer forum account was banned)

Steam Name: RussEfarmer

Steam I.D: STEAM_1:1:81685017

Who banned you: Starky, Mr_Rippe, Dinkleberg (Presumably)

Reason for ban: Banning Starky (PH Co-Owner at the time), Generally causing unneeded drama across the entire community, Bullying various community members, including Miss Mari and mkkay671

First, I want to start off by saying that I am not arguing the validity of my community ban in any way. I messed up, and I messed up pretty bad was you can probably tell by the above text. The reason I'm appealing here is not to just get unbanned, but I wanted to publicly apologize for the actions that both led me to being banned and the actions that carried on almost a year after I was banned. I outright banned the PH co-owner as an admin myself over something that wasn't even important enough to remember now to write in this appeal, I led a drama campaign against TTT admins over an exploit in a random TTT map that led to well over 6 people being banned, and I even went on to poke around and bully other community members such as Travis, Miss Mari and Tori the Tiger by either making edgy videos about the community (since privatized) or joining a server belonging to them and causing mischief.

What I've done made me, and still makes me, out to be a complete dickhead and clown to my former peers, all because there were a couple of decisions that were made that I didn't like that much. I acted like a child, and realistically, I actually was child when I got banned, only being thirteen (now sixteen). Since my ban almost 3 years ago, I've taken my share of tumbles and falls, seriously questioned the people I choose to surround myself with, and seriously reconsidered my values surrounding how I want to feel about others, which led me back here apologizing for my past.

The question people reading this might ask, including myself, is "why bother?". It's just a stupid game from 2006, why am I casting all of the shitty things I've done out for people to gobble up just for a chance at being a part of it again? Well, Dinks has always been more than a game to me, hence sinking over 1000 hours into just the prophunt server. When I joined the server, my house had just gotten its hands on a low latency Internet connection for the very first time, and this was the first server I ever joined, and the first time I ever had the opportunity to freely interact with people outside of family and a few school friends. Dinks was where I actually became who I was as a personality with the help of open arms such as Noahthelion, SluttyCrowofCainhurst and Travis, and while it did turn sour and lead to the reasons I'm writing this today, I can't imagine who I would be without having played this server for an irresponsible amount of time.

Again, this is my formal apology to the entire Dinkleberg's community, as well as a humble request for my community ban to be lifted, at the very least on the forums so I can interact with the community to some degree. If you have any questions about the contents of my appeal, I will openly answer them.

Thank you for reading,
will we have a consistent russ or will we have coinflip like we did on my prior community?
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-1, I understand that it has been almost 3 years since you were banned. But while you were here, you created a vast vacuum of not only trying to undermine everything other staff did, but jumped to other servers to stir drama. The whole BANTZ situation was sparked by you and it led to multiple individuals being banned and you attacking multiple staff members including fastfirechris. If this was one occasion then I would be receptacle to give you a second chance, but this happened on a major scale and level of this community. Most of the parties involved and most of the staff when you got banned are either not around anymore or aren't staff anymore. But I can atone to how your attitude and overall demeanor affected multiple people within this community. And once again, your actions did not happen once, but multiple times. I'm sure some of the newer players will try to give you the benefit of the doubt because of how long ago it was but I disagree with you being unbanned.
(12-04-2019, 09:22 PM)Near Wrote: will we have a consistent russ or will we have coinflip like we did on my prior community?

I've been trying to control what makes me happy and angry more these past few months. I've pushed most of the people I would consider negative out of my social circle (one of which you may remember as Winter/Charlie), so I have less complicated factors affecting how I feel about things.
+1 for unban.

I don't know you, or what you've done, your post seems genuine, though you seem'd to cause a SHIT ton of drama and chaos, you were infact, only 13 at the time. I'm someone who has also followed a road of destuction but also have lead many great ttt servers with success as a senior admin/head admin.

You've been banished for a few years now, and I feel with time, any person can change, for better or worse. My opinion probably matters none at all, but I'll voice it anyways, I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life, no matter what they've done in video games (besides hack, thats permaban gtfo nerd status)
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Honestly I'm super iffy about this one. I'm not gonna vote because this was a lil before when I started here so I feel like someone who was there for this would have a better say. I will point out the time a couple years when you got the owner of the server you coowned to spy on the ph server, which is pretty stupid.
all opinions would matter in this case seeing as its a COMMUNITY and PH unban.
other than that, +1.
i have no idea who you were before this whole deal. but you seem apologetic, and going from 13, to 16 is a huge leap in hormones. And a huge leap in maturity. A lot can change in a few years, seeing as how i have done something similar to this when i was younger.

also, i feel that everyone should voices their opinions on this, even if theres bad blood going between them.
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To be honest, I have heard your name, but have no fucking clue who you are. You do seem genuinely apologetic, and 13 to 16 is, in my opinion, the 3 years a kid matures the most. I've heard that you created a pretty massive shithole, but that was still 3 years ago and as an admin. I would recommend an indefinite ban on applying for staff since abuse was a big part of your ban. Other than that, I'll +1.
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So I was not around for any of what happened, I've heard things but of course they can get misconstrued. I will say its a plus to see you own up to the mistakes and what you did, although it was a very bad series of moves from what I know. So here's what I suggest, a unban on the forums and discord, interact with the community and let them see who you are now, then see about the server unban.
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(12-04-2019, 10:01 PM)§8Lt_Deathstar Wrote: So I was not around for any of what happened, I've heard things but of course they can get misconstruded. I will say its a plus to see you own up to the mistakes and what you did, although it was a very bad series of moves from what I know. So here's what I suggest, a unban on the forums and discord, interact with the community and let them see who you are now, than see about the server unban.

I think this would be a great idea honestly. like others who get unbanned from a community ban, they start out on a probation period to see if they can get along with the community before we allow a full unban. In my eyes this would be a good idea. I wasnt here for all your drama and whatever, but I do believe in 2nd chances. And I believe time can change people for both the worse and better. your apology seems sincere, which speaks loads to me.

Here's to hoping time changed you for the better. Good luck

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