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Post a new thread following the format. Please fill out as much as you can when making a ban request, and include evidence to help aid Mods+ to decide if the offender should get banned or not. 
*No evidence = no ban.
*Evidence = video/screenshots.


Offender's Name:

Offender's SteamID:

Potential Witnesses:

Reason to Ban:


SteamID Help

If you need help getting a player's SteamID - here are a few options:
- If they're still in the server, type status in console to get a list of everyone's steamID
- Use damage logs and right click a line where the offender is involved to copy their steamID.
- Disconnect message in chat.
- Go to your friends tab, click on recently played with, click the person's profile, and copy + paste their steamid to a website like
Steam ID should look something like this: Gabe - STEAM_0:1:93840118

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