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" You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - Smalls - 05-31-2021

Ingame Name: Smalls

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:568410099

Time Played: Roughly 176hrs. I only ever play on Dinks tbh. 
When First Joined: Joined the server, quite a while ago. Joined the forums today, because I am a blind noob who apparently couldn't figure them out. 

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): I'm a SAHM, I can be on honestly anytime after noon, Central Time, and I'm usually up pretty late as well. Shoot me a message and I can usually get on.(:

Rank Desired: Trusted is fine with me, anything to help out the server and the staff.(:

Current Rank: I believe I'm under Master or more, - I'm currently under Donor I know that.

What can you do to help the community?: I'm always lending a helpful hand to the new users to the game/server. Giving helpful tips and tricks and answering any questions I can/feel comfortable answering, if there is something I cannot answer, I direct them to the nearest staff member/discord. I enjoy a happy server, without trolls ( haha I know. ) But anything to help keep the server running smoothly and allow for new members to feel comfortable joining in on the fun!

Why do you want to help the community?: Gmod, and PH hold a special place in my heart tbh. I found it in a low place in my life, several years ago. I met a lot of friends through it, and created a lot of great relationships. I missed the game so much, that I've came back to it. My old friends gone, old server gone, I joined Dinks and fell in love with the game all over again. I've created great friendships with a few of the donor/staff and want to help create that same aspect for new players, and make sure the rowdy ones don't get in the way of an enjoyable game!

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): Nope.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts): Nope.

Do you have a way to record video or take screenshots? I can screen shot yes, I can also look into recording software, as long as it is free.

How did you find us?: Why or how did you end up picking our server out of the many others? It was honestly the most active PH server that I found, and I remembered it from years back, so I joined and enjoyed it from there! First time playing I met Pauling and a few other staff members, and enjoyed playing all over again.

Other: I use to admin a server way back, in probably 2014-15. I staffed for a year or so, and then life kinda took a hard hit and my laptop was thrown by an ex. I had to sell pretty much everything and find my own place. Luckily I'm in a great spot now, and have my own setup and have a lot of time on my hands being a SAHM. I try my best to instill a great attitude and helpful hand to those playing, and just want everyone to have fun. I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong or ask for help, and I think that alone is a huge part of being a staff member. We make mistakes, and that's okay, but always take accountability.

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - Ryuji Sakamoto - 06-01-2021


I do see some potential as a trusted

From reading chat log on discord from you from pinging staff on call which is good, listing players who could dc once a staff member connects to server, and helping out on the server with new players.


Here is your game tracker record from link below forums on the activity and it does seems decent from 30 days from today of post.

Its good to know when you made a mistake and learn from it and I see you also listed prior staffing experience which is also good cause that means you know from a staff view's of limiting one self while staffing and time to just have fun in the game.

I don't see any faults nor anything needed beside offering some recording software, I know some other would recommend some others, but I mainly use OBS which is easy to set up and to play around with the program.

Results: +1

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - [black]QuartzGlow - 06-01-2021

Hey girly, thanks for applying!  I think you have a good qualities of a staff member; kind, helpful, attentive

I see you have no problems letting staff know when something is going on which is a plus as communication is very important when staffing, as I've learned in my time as trusted.
You are on a good amount on the PH server, and a good amount on the discord.  Forums could use a bit more activity but that can be worked on.
As for the recording software, just be aware that staffing is a lot of recording.  I would recommend OBS, it is free and easy to use. 

In short, I think you have nice qualities that would be good in staff member, activity looks good, and as long as you're okay with recording and reporting the evidence when needed, then I support you.

Good luck on your application.

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - gerbil - 06-02-2021

Hey Smalls, Thank you for applying!

I've only been on and off of server with you, in a handful of calls with you, and had very small interactions in the #PH chat. Based on those you seem to handle yourself well. You're kind, you're helpful, and know the rules well! I don't think I've had any problems with you as a player in my time of knowing you, so I think that's pretty good.

Video evidence is crucial in a lot of cases relating to ban requests, abuse reports, etc. Here is a forums post relating to software you can use to capture evidence! Another thread is also listed in the requirements for staff post. Just pick whichever works for you!
Recommended Software

I think the only problem would be Discord activity, and forums activity. But lets be fair, those are incredibly easy to fix in due time.

( +1 )
I'd like to give you a chance! Hopefully I'll see you with the green tag!
Good luck on your adventures, Friend!

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - Here lies Eggroll's reputation. - 06-03-2021

Hey smalls, defiantly gotta give you a +1! I have never heard anything negative about you and it does seem to me that you play ph regularly. You are a kind person so I believe you should have the chance to become a trusted. Smile Good luck!

Below I have attached your game tracker profile for reference of your playtime on the server. 

[Image: player_time.php?nameb64=U21hbGxz&host=64...1658923175][Image: player_time.php?nameb64=U21hbGxz&host=64...8359346991]

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - §5Aki - 06-05-2021

Hey Smalls! Thank you for the staff application!

I personally haven't had any issues with you at all in or outside of Gmod. You're nice, wonderful person and you have prior staffing experience which is great! You've definitely active in the server and seem to get along with most staff and players on the server. You've got a good grasp on the rules and know when to ping for staff when things start getting hairy.

All in all, I'd be happy to see you as Trusted.
Hope to see you with that green tag! C:

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - gerbil - 06-07-2021


RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - Norm Minder - 06-07-2021

I may not be active in prop hunt these weeks, but I want to leave my respond in this application.I personally haven't had any issues with you Always kind  and active on the server .Ping staff when needed.

Also you will need to record something for abuse reports,ban request etc.But I don't think learning how to record will be difficult.If you look at the forums there is a lot threads for recording software.  I would recommend OBS its free and easy.

I'm not voting because of my activity in ph these weeks .

I wish you the best of luck on this application.

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - Smalls - 06-07-2021

Thank you all not only for your kind words but also helpful advice!
I'm very glad that I've came back to PH and met you guys so far, it's been a lot of laughs and great PH memories.
Even if I do not get promoted to Staff for any particular reason, I'm thankful for the time you guys took to look, and add your own input! Smile Look forward to playing with y'all!

I will be looking into the recording software threads/programs you guys have suggested! Smile

RE: " You're Killing Me." - A slightly less small story. - [pink] Pixie Soldier - 06-08-2021

Hey Smalls, was really pleased to see you applied for staff. I've seen you be helpful on server, pinging in the discord for help when needed. I've never had any negative issues with you on or off server. I think you would make a good addition to the team. 


If you need any help with recording software let any of us know Smile There are plenty of options. 

Best of luck