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110 Threads 1,376 Posts All server ban announceme...
05-10-2024, 07:51 PM
by fanta
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Guides to resolve common issues.
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Trouble in Terrorist Town,
Prop Hunt, and 3 more.
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06-05-2024, 04:04 PM
by KaptainLes
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Forum specific threads, rules, support requests.
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295 Threads 3,676 Posts Enabling Dark Mode
6 hours ago
by Ryan722

Tell us about yourself, we don't bite!
965 Threads 11,093 Posts Hxieva here
3 hours ago
by slater
Farewells and Resignations
Posts announcing your departure(temporarily or permanent) from the community or resignation from a staff position.
312 Threads 5,159 Posts Batman will come and go
05-22-2024, 02:47 AM
by Dinomoto
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Talk about any off topic junk here.
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2,409 Threads 23,385 Posts Baldur’s Gate or Divinity...
06-10-2024, 05:53 PM
by YourMateMurph
Community Discussion
Talk about the community as a whole or other things we can do together.
784 Threads 11,768 Posts What is next for Dinks TT...
Yesterday, 10:10 PM
by bryanbrr
Best Moments
Prove that you are MLG (or funny)
448 Threads 2,921 Posts HEEREELP MEEE HEEEELP HJE...
04-02-2024, 12:47 PM
by murl
Community Suggestions
What can we do to make your experience better?
91 Threads 1,070 Posts A Legitimate Suggestion
01-21-2024, 08:37 PM
by slater
Donor/Staff Abuse Reports
If someone is abusing their power on any of our servers report it here.
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Donor/Staff Abuse Report Archive
423 Threads 5,896 Posts REPORT WITHDRAWN, PLEASE ...
7 hours ago
by tiefling lesbian

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General forum to organize events or suggest any event to gauge interest.
23 Threads 357 Posts SSBM Tournament
05-15-2024, 12:33 PM
by bunniey
A forum specifically for organizing and hosting Tournaments.
9 Threads 205 Posts First "Annual" Dinkleberg...
02-25-2024, 03:42 PM
by Ace1579
A forum for hosting community giveaways. (Giveaways cannot include personal information).
9 Threads 256 Posts PH Giveaway :)
04-11-2024, 10:36 PM
by Loona Mondragon

TTT Suggestions & Help
Have ideas for TTT? Tell us!
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981 Threads 12,131 Posts Make the punishment for r...
06-08-2024, 08:22 PM
by TDawg4
TTT Staff Applications
Become one of us!
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TTT Staff Application Archive
673 Threads 12,445 Posts Going for green (Ryan's A...
3 hours ago
by Brahma
TTT Ban Requests
Get that minge banned.
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TTT Ban Request Archive
5,089 Threads 16,569 Posts lt predator ban
Yesterday, 07:58 PM
by Saylor Twift
TTT Appeals
For the reformed.
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TTT Appeals Archive
1,014 Threads 14,190 Posts Warning Appeal
Yesterday, 02:07 PM
by chapman

PH Suggestions & Help
Tell us about your awesome ideas.
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378 Threads 3,349 Posts kinda sus
01-06-2024, 09:15 PM
by Super Milk Chan
PH Staff Applications
Become a staff member and help us out.
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PH Staff Application Archive
434 Threads 6,260 Posts Lets try.
05-07-2024, 12:15 PM
by KaptainLes
PH Ban Requests
Ban those baddies.
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PH Ban Request Archive
2,247 Threads 6,439 Posts matt & whatsup ban reques...
05-04-2024, 10:11 AM
PH Unban Requests
Get unbanned here.
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PH Unban Request Archive
217 Threads 2,501 Posts Unban request (March 26th...
03-27-2024, 08:00 PM
by unfortunatepossum

Discord Suggestions & Help
Help us improve our community.
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34 Threads 407 Posts Discord quality of life s...
01-02-2024, 07:04 PM
by Jammin
Discord Staff Applications
Become a moderator.
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Discord Staff Application Archive
78 Threads 1,130 Posts Discord App goes brrrrrr
05-13-2024, 01:59 PM
by KaptainLes
Discord Ban Requests
Report a problem person here. Reports will be public.
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Discord Ban Request Archive
13 Threads 146 Posts Enough is Enough: Petitio...
05-07-2024, 11:37 AM
by KaptainLes
Discord Reports
Discretely report issues happening in the discord here.
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Discord Reports Archive
- Threads - Posts
Discord Unban Requests
Appeal your ban here.
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Discord Unban Request Archive
93 Threads 1,466 Posts Appeal for discord ban
06-08-2024, 08:59 AM
by chapman
Discord Strike Appeals
Appeal Strikes, Mutes, and other punishments here.
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Discord Strike Appeals Archive
- Threads - Posts

Murder Suggestions & Help
Got Any Ideas?!? Feel free to share!!
Moderated By: Murder Admin
90 Threads 914 Posts Another Murbder Raffle
02-23-2024, 01:02 AM
by Abuse Target
Murder Staff Applications
Click here to become part of the Magic Conch Clan.
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Murder Staff Application Archive
66 Threads 744 Posts I love rat maps
Yesterday, 12:28 AM
by Lost_Leviathan
Murder Ban Requests
Ban the normies!
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Murder Ban Request Archive
143 Threads 438 Posts RDM And Leave
04-12-2023, 06:11 PM
by Norm Minder
Murder Unban Requests
Wanna a second chance?!? Appeal here?!?
Moderated By: Murder Admin
Sub Forums:
Murder Unban Request Archive
28 Threads 295 Posts unban me
01-07-2024, 01:56 AM
by Icey

DR Grave
dr stole my rank
Moderated By: dero, Kennykens
Sub Forums:
DR Staff Applications,
DR Suggestions & Help, and 3 more.
302 Threads 1,985 Posts Prisencolinensinainciusol
02-14-2024, 11:18 PM
by Gabe

you'll be filling your eye doctor's pockets
i will NOT use volare.
dark reader is incredibly based but imo makes the forums look like ass :( but yes good alternative
norm loves hamsters
Who let bab in ? We are doomed.
the browser extension dark reader also works on most websites :)
Thank you Gosling
maddox, chapman, if you go to user settings > edit options, select "Volare" in the board style dropdown. This is our official dark mode (it's slightly scuffed but mostly good)
firefox 4 lyfe
FUCK opera FUCK chromium
all my homies hate light mode.
get opera gx, fuck light mode...
god I wish there was maddox
is there dark mode on the forums?
No I actually think you are Icey, no redemption sorry I don't make the rules god does
you are NEVER too far gone.
Red-Winged Starling
Icey you can't pray because you admitted to lying and you know where liars go
prayers for morm ninder
norm getting banned before gta VI

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