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New Discord Category/Channel - Sacred3569 - 07-01-2021

It had recently donged on me that there is no quick help option on the Discord server. I believe that it would be simple and useful to have a category where people could ask simple/vague questions to anything in regards to the Dinkleberg community.

I had a simple question on the Discord server but realized that there wasn't an appropriate place to put it, so I had to put it in the TTT category. The question was more about the forums and there really isn't a support category on the Discord server. Don't get me wrong, the staff on the Discord server can definitely help through those categories, but it would definitely help to alleviate clashing conversations that may not relate all too well.

A simple and organized addition aimed towards knocking down simple questions/issues.

RE: New Discord Category/Channel - Jammin - 07-01-2021

I like this idea, thanks for the suggestion. Will add this into the queue!

RE: New Discord Category/Channel - Lex (2) - 07-01-2021

Nice buddy! It can be very helpful

RE: New Discord Category/Channel - RussEfarmer - 07-01-2021

As resident tech support I think this would be extremely useful for a lot of people.

RE: New Discord Category/Channel - RopeGuy20 - 07-01-2021

maybe a ticket style system so no questions get missed

RE: New Discord Category/Channel - Jammin - 07-01-2021

(07-01-2021, 04:35 PM)RopeGuy20 Wrote: maybe a ticket style system so no questions get missed
We've been testing a bot that does this too

RE: New Discord Category/Channel - SIN - 08-09-2021

kinda like carl-bots suggestion feature, or even the modmail bot. is all I'm thinking when reading this.
both which can be extremely helpful giving the context of this request