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Manchild bullies little kids :( - BIIG_SAD - 11-20-2021


witness: researcher co


using horrible language, bullying the younger players with punching, hateful speech.



tanzi seems to have had an accomplice STEAM_0:1:95624601 chava542. Didn't get him on film doing any harassments, but he was chipping in before filming.

researcher co may have said something super offensive, but I don't know because I had him muted due to mic issues from his end.

While this may be true, this man straight up (pre shoot) was bullying the kiddos, and during shoot, did not vary in behavior. Truly, a scum.

RE: Manchild bullies little kids :( - August - 11-20-2021

I wasn't there for this clip, but I did handle other issues with him in the following map. Will post recordings later today after they upload.

Edit: here's a link to a 3-video playlist of the following map. I regrettably did not get the absolute cancer that I joined into on recording, plus some of the earlier offenses. When I first loaded in, I had to gag everyone to get everyone calm to calm down because it was just way too out of control.

HD may still be processing. I apologize for the poor qualify until it finishes.


RE: Manchild bullies little kids :( - Norm Minder - 11-20-2021

Tanzi and O'Duffy banned for breaking multiple rules.If they come back after 3 weeks they will be banned permanently.

Also murder on call staff ping is @Murder-on-call-staff make sure to give names and id next time Smile