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Release Me - Kaiwan - 03-12-2023

Your Discord Username: Kaiwan#7953

Your Discord User ID: 210602240732299264

Ban Length: Permanent

Appeal Type: Unban

Previous Unban Requests: None

What would you like to tell us: After racking up multiple warnings in a short amount of time staff discretion was used to issue me a permanent ban for my behavior in the Discord server. I've taken some time since then to decide if I actually wanted anything to do with this community. After deliberating I have realized there are enough people that I enjoy interacting with that I do want to return. I've already begun playing on the TTT server again after taking a break, and I would like to be able to talk to the people in Dinkelberg's that frequent it as well.

I know that I've had a rocky history with starting arguments despite the constant warnings I've been given for it. I've got a loud mouth and no filter, so I can't promise that it will never happen again. I do, however, guarantee that I'll behave more appropriately if I am unbanned.

RE: Release Me - Damien - 03-12-2023

plus juan for Kaijuan, especially since it's been so long and they promise to be a good noodle once they come back. Anything major should get them an insta perma like it would with anyone else getting unbanned (i.e Kaiser).

RE: Release Me - slater - 03-12-2023

I think you've had some time away to reflect on your actions and to consider not doing them again, +1 why not.

RE: Release Me - tiefling lesbian - 03-12-2023

+1 it will be funny at worst, plus this rule has not been enforced consistently whatsoever or really at all so I don't see a point in keeping one single user banned for it

editing this after chatting with jammin to say I worded it more harshly than perhaps needed, but the overall sentiment still stands

RE: Release Me - Dildo Shwaggins - 03-12-2023

+1 don’t really know the background but never had any issues with Kaiwan myself so I’m all for it

RE: Release Me - voidzz - 03-12-2023

+1 funny to watch get mad

RE: Release Me - reinaberg - 03-12-2023

I'm not going to list the verbal warnings, just the punishments documented by auttaja. Red is expired strikes, green is unexpired strikes, purple is actions taken.
To start, here's an imgur album containing all of her watchlist entries: https://imgur.com/a/X78E1Hz

ban - Initial ban was supposed to be permanent as per Rule 0. User mistakenly banned for 5 strike threshold as user is banned for minge behavior
Made at 12/18/22 19:33:31
Temporary strike threshold ban updated to an indefinite ban to reflect the purpose of the ban.

ban - 5 strikes reached.
Made at 12/02/22 04:23:08
Strike threshold.

strike - inciting drama
Made at 12/02/22 04:23:08
Requested staff assistance after two members were joking about doxxing one another. I opted not to intervene, so she attempted to incite an argument about the rules. I told her it wasn't in the rules and recommended she make a suggestion on the forums, and she started to attack me directly.

softban - 4 strikes reached.
Made at 11/02/22 19:08:02
Strike threshold.

strike - instigating arguments again....
Made at 11/02/22 19:08:01

mute -
Made at 10/11/22 01:39:27
I'm honestly not sure, sorry. A few alts joined the discord server to harass her later that day, so I assume she was baited into it.

mute - 3 strikes reached.
Made at 09/29/22 02:33:37
Strike threshold

strike - inciting drama after being asked not to do so on multiple occasions.
Made at 09/29/22 02:33:37
IIRC, Member 1 jokingly told Member 2 to doxx her, and she requested staff assistance. After the issue was taken care of, she attempted to bait Member 1 into another argument.

strike - Continuing an argument after being told multiple times to stop
Made at 09/01/22 01:22:10
Attempting to dredge up the argument with HONG from earlier that day.

strike - continuing an argument after being asked to stop
Made at 08/31/22 05:14:39
The argument with HONG regarding her feelings about his attitude and behavior. Her response to the strike:
"what a fucking joke
I'll continue the fucking argument as long as I want
server mute me or get over it"

RE: Release Me - SwiftBadger*No Monitor* - 03-12-2023

+1 one for kai

RE: Release Me - Jammin - 03-12-2023

-1, you were nothing but toxic in the discord during my tenure. You proved yourself to not be able to have normal interactions with humans, and proved to be an absolute menace.

The only compliment I can give you is that I can directly credit you with Reina's rise to admin. Seeing how much shit you put her and the other staff members through, and seeing how she handled your depraved toxicity time and time again, pushed me to advocate for her becoming admin. Up to reina if she wants to post the full evidence log.

December 2022 is less than 4 months ago, I wouldn't call that a long enough of a break to actually prove any form of a change. Whenever you go off on one of your rants, you repeatedly ignored staff requests for you to stop arguing/stirring up drama. I've seen this behavior continue well past your discord ban too, as you trolled the forums for a bit. Just because things have been good for a month or two doesn't erase 5+ months of toxic bullshit from you in the discord.

I'd give it more time. Prove yourself over the course of a few more months, and idk maybe Fall 2023 you could earn my support. Until then, hard no.

Edited because years

RE: Release Me - August - 03-12-2023

You don't know me, and I don't know you as well as the TTT folks do, but I watched this absolute shit-show late last year from the sidelines both on forums and on discord so please help me understand something here.

You said it yourself, you have a history of causing arguments because you "got a loud mouth and no filter, so I can't promise that it will never happen again." So if you CAN'T promise that this won't happen again (which trust is a major part of ANY unban request being accepted), then how can we trust that you will "behave more appropriately?" How do we know that you won't go flaming someone again over nothing? 

To put it simply: What's different about you as opposed to three months ago?