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A review section - GuyBieri - 01-28-2018

A few years ago I was part of another community and on the forums we had a section strictly for reviewing games that came out. Usually it was from people that were very familiar with the series of said game(s) or have put enough time into the game to give a review. Although the argument can be made that reviews can be put into "community discussions" I think it would be a great addition for when new games come out and if someone is skeptical about buying it they can see someone in the community review it instead of looking up mixed reviews from people or just give their personal opinion on the game.

RE: A review section - Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca - 01-28-2018

crusader kings 2 = #1 game

RE: A review section - Sugam - 01-28-2018

That would be a good way to expand the community into other games.
many already do l4dead pubg and whatever else games i dont own

RE: A review section - City - 01-29-2018

Minecraft - 10/10 would play again

No seriously though I would like this because I am very careful with my spending and don't want to waste money on something bad or I would like good cheap reccomendations.