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Active Mods?
A big improvement for this server is getting active moderators/staff. It's very annoying playing on this server and having no regulations. Being constantly rdmed is not fun. 

-A regular member on your server
Boi don't you have me on steam? Consider me "On call" if i'm not directly on TTT.
                                                                                                TTT - Test Mod
                                                                                  PH - Just a guy who nukes rooms
There's this lovely forum section called Player Reports or even on our discord channel, you could've called for a staff on. But you cannot expect an staff on when there can't be one on. We don't get paid for this, we chose to do it. And we have lives, we're not robots. Why did we apply? To help. Not to be boss around. But please next time, I suggest you to either report or call one on.

[Image: 76561198011027661.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
If you never seen me before, then ignore me. Just focus on your job.
If you need to know why my name is [GFL] Bae, just message me.
If you want to know why Avi is lame, then its because Avi is lame.

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