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  Back to Badmin
Posted by: matt_st3 (Strongrule) - 7 hours ago - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

Hey guys, I talked with dink a lot over the last few weeks about a lot of things that we plan to do with the community. This is why I've been away from PH for the last few weeks so I need to catch everyone up on what we talked about.

I will be returning as the TTT Co-Owner. We talked about me returning as an admin until Juan mentioned he would be resigning. We have addressed several of my original concerns and Dink has walked me through a lot of backend elements so I will be taking over for Juan. We have several updates to push out over the next few weeks, and either Dink or myself will make an update thread. 

I know this comes off of me joining the PH staff team, but after discussing several aspects I will return to help fill the gap in the TTT Adminship while also having access to the server itself. PH will gain its own supplementary staff to help. DR has gained an Admin recently as well to jumpstart the server there along with Murder growing in numbers. I have already spoken to the PH admins to explain this, and will comment later in the PH staff discord before I leave. Sorry guys, but ill explain more there. You will have a new co-owner as well, so they may update you first.

Now that colleges are at home Dink has had more time to actually address the concerns of the community and will be more active for us. I will be working closely with him to help other communities as well until we find co-owners there as well. We believe that several of the issues on both TTT and PH are linked to the pointshop and will look into what code is clashing. 

Otherwise, its late so ill return in the morning to update more but feel free to leave any questions here so I can get back to you.

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  Resignation of your mother.
Posted by: Mother Nuru. - 8 hours ago - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (19)

It's been weighing on my heart heavily for a few weeks, ever since I announced my break, and left all discords. It's time this smurf headed onto a new village in life. I want everyone to know that my time here has been extremely enjoyable, up to the point of admin.
That's where this changes. After receiving admin, the same people I considered friends and family, started abusing our friendships, or were talking about me behind my back all due to a rank change. I never changed, and I still did what I could for the server. I promised I always would, and if at any point, being admin changed me, I would resign.

That time has come. Admin has turned me into this bitter people hating, hateful little shit. And I don't want that anymore. I hope all of you understand, and can see the place in which i am coming from. Dinkleberg and I discussed this for a few weeks, and I promised him I would talk to him first before resigning. I didn't fulfill that promise tonight and I'm sorry.

I love you guys, so much more than I can express, and typing this is making me bawl, but I can no longer do this. I've asked to have everything removed, including donor. I also asked to be banned from forums, so I cannot come back and do anything or be tempted to come back. I thank everyone for my time here and for making it enjoyable.

I would tag you guys, that meant the world to me, but lets be honest, I love almost all of you, and it would be one long ass post. So just know Mother Nuru loves you guys ♥♥♥

I wish you all the best, and I hope you understand..

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  New Beginnings, and Other Bad Titles for an Admin Introduction
Posted by: Nicol Bolas - 02-23-2020, 04:40 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (16)

The Time Has Come

But seriously, hey everyone. I’ve been discussing things with Dink for awhile now and have decided to take on the mantle of Admin. I’m grateful for the promotion and hope to help the server as much as I can. I want to do my part in making the server a better place for everyone. I promise I won’t make this super long as I’m not as eloquent nor full of historical references  as @Gabe was. I’ll also attempt to not be super ranty (no promises on that ). 

One of the largest issues I’ve noticed as of late is a disconnect between Dink, Higher Staff, and the Regular players. This isn’t a new issue, nor is it an easy fix. I’ll work hard with @Avi  to look for potential fixes to this otherwise large issue. I will try my best to be as open as possible about server issues, additions, and removals. One idea I had recently was optional pingable game roles (ttt,ph,dr,murder) for discord announcements. Right now the discord announcement tab is fairly useless as nobody can see an announcement unless they specifically look. More on that later though. 

On the TTT side of ideas and additions, I am actively looking for new Traitor and Detective items and have also recently pushed a map update and created new mapvote thumbnails. I want to be super open about everything I do and I hope to unveil some more ideas, fixes, and additions in the coming months and I am very excited to do so. On another note; Everyjuan, our co-owner, has also recently been more active and is helping fix several issues server-side and has also done quite well. Just for example: Old logs are now working again! While a small thing for regular players, for staff this was an amazingly helpful fix.

 On the subject of our owner. We know Dink hasn’t been very vocal recently, but it isn’t the end of the world. Some of you believe he doesn’t care and hates us. This isn’t true, Dink loves this community more than anyone here. He’s doing his hardest to fix issues across all four servers whilst handling IRL stuff and he is doing a good job. For those who wish to read it, I’ll link a screenshot of a post from Darkkran that really helps put things into the perspective of a server owner. Read it sometime, it helps.

When I first began discussing the possibility of being Admin with Dink, he was very hesitant about promoting me. Is this because he thought I wasn’t knowledgeable enough or responsible enough? No. He was hesitant because he didn’t want me to receive all the hate and toxicity that comes with being in this position. The way Dink sees it; staff, especially the admins, are put on a pedestal and constantly criticized. They receive hate for every little thing and are blamed for issues that no single person or rank should be blamed for. It just wears people down. 
Staff are people too. We make mistakes, we laugh and cry, we forget things, we’re dumb. This is all completely okay.

People bending rules, hating staff, abusing power, causing drama, and overall being toxic break the community we love. While I may not have been here as long as a lot of you, I still love this community and everyone in it. I want to help make this a better place for both regular players and staff. I’ve done a large part to stay out of drama, whether it be in discord or the forums, but now as one of the leaders of this community, I can no longer do that. I fully take responsibility for this however and will do everything I can along with Avi to help resolve any and all issues that come against our community.

Now I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things I wanted to talk about, and probably could have worded a lot of this way better, but the main thing I wish to state here out of everything else in this announcement is quite simple:

This is a gaming community. We come here for fun, whether it be with friends or alone. Sometimes you need to take a step back and realize that everyone here just wants to play a game and have fun. Chill out, relax, and have fun. Thank you

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  TTT News Bulletin: January
Posted by: Avi - 02-01-2020, 03:09 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

The TTT News Bulletin: January

It's that time again for some TTT updates (and a discord update too)!  

@Gabe has sent Dink a list of maps to add and remove (thank you to those who suggested, compiled the list, and tested those) including some rearm scripts, as well as a suggestion to increase the cool down for map voting slightly to allow more maps to be played.  All of that can be seen here.

The jumppack has been a hot topic in the TTT server for quite some time now.  We tested changing the jumppack's power from it's original value (12) to 8 then 10 during the span of a day but received mixed feedback from players.  With that, we are exploring other possible options to address issues with the current jumppack values.

There are several things to talk about with weapons.  First, let's address the double hitreg issue that is back.  I've noticed a couple of complaints about it now, and have seen some posts regarding this issue.  Thank you to those that have brought forth video and other complaints about this and we will look into getting this fixed again.  Second, weapon changes are live on the server.  Thank you to those that worked on making weapon changes and to those that helped test those on the test server.  Third, when you hover over weapons on the server, it now allows you to click a button to trade weapons, and click alt to see stats for those weapons.  And finally, some people have noted that certain weapons are spawning on maps that are typically shop only weapons.  This has been acknowledged and will be looked into.

Discord Updates
I know that this is a TTT bulletin, but please be aware of some changes happening with the Discord Moderator rank and things happening overall in Discord found here.

Suggestions and Help
Please continue to make suggestions on what you want to see changed and improved on the server.  We will continue to filter through these, and pass along issues to Dink as they come up.  For now this is the update, feel free to leave a question/comment/concern below on any of these topics and I will try to address them as soon as I can.

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  Discord Update
Posted by: Avi - 02-01-2020, 03:05 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (18)

Hello everyone!  I wanted to bring attention to some new things happening with the discord server, and make you all aware of some new features that have been implemented.

First, let's discuss the new bot that was added for moderation, Auttaja.  This bot has many useful moderation commands, and some random commands for users to use as well.  Feel free to check out what commands this bot has by typing -help in the #bot-shit channel.  

With this bot, I have implemented a new punishment system, following an escalated punishment trend, which also includes 3 strikes being a temporary mute and 5 strikes being a soft ban.  This bot also has auto moderation features which will allow many things to be auto detected and removed, in which Discord Moderators can give out appropriate punishments based on what was deleted.  

We now have a report system with this bot as well.  This will make it so you don't have to find an admin/discord moderator to dm about issues, but rather send a report in so all the discord staff can have access to it to discuss the issue at hand.  This report system is only to report other users in the discord server for discord related issues, not for issues on the Gmod server.  Information on how to use the report system can be found in #discord-user-reports in the discord server.  Please note that reports are NOT for joking around with, so please don't make false/joke reports against other users.  If you do choose to report a user, please try to provide evidence when prompted by the bot to do so.

There are a couple of features that are to be determined that may be added in the future if there is interest in them from the community.  One is Voice Roles, which allows a user to join a voice channel, receive a role, and be able to unlock a text channel that only users in the voice channel can see.  This allows for more organized conversation.  The other is a Starboard.  This will allow users to react to messages/images in the discord, and after a certain amount of reactions, the message/image will be embedded in a designated channel for everyone to see.  If you have feedback on either of these features feel free to leave a comment below.

The second topic of discussion is the Discord Moderator position.  As a recent issue came to light in another discord community I am a part of, we are currently not allowing anyone under the age of 18 to be a Discord Moderator.  I know that this will make the pool of potential candidates smaller, but for TOS reasons and until we figure out a better solution to how things are set up, this restriction will be in place (I am sorry for anyone under 18 that is interested in the position, but please bear with me while I figure this issue out).

With all of that covered, I would like to encourage people to apply for Discord Moderator if they are interested.  I know we still have "pending" applications from the original pool, and I will filter through those and see what we have for them as well.  The application format can be found here.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for the discord, please let me know in the comments below or shoot me a DM on discord.  I know there have been specific complaints about things, and I am open to working with you all to find solutions, and hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

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  TTT News Bulletin - December
Posted by: Hani - 12-28-2019, 10:35 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (4)

The TTT News Bulletin 12/28/19

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope you all are having a good break so far as the year ends. 

I'm here to announce a few changes being made or that have already been made.

Rule Changes

Hopefully most of us have noticed by now that we changed the test or kos rule we had. Now detectives can only call test or sus during round, and may be able to call test or kos in overtime. The same requirements still apply when a detective tries to test (Calling the name of the player that is close to the detective AND tester with ample time given).

Also, we still have the no spoiler one month grace period rule for the new Star Wars movie active. This will be lifted on 01/19/2020. 

Staff Application Additions

The upper staff have felt that there's only so much that we can go off from the current staff applications. The questions such as, "Why do you want to help the community?" or "What can you do to help the community?" can only give us so much information on the level of competency an individual has. While we have the time requirements for staff application committee's to vote, it's not like we can be there at all times to see if someone could handle their desired staff rank. We want to make sure you guys are prepared.

@Gabe and I have been working on a sort of followup after an application is made. Three google forms have been made for each rank where the applicant will answer a number and variety of questions. As serious and maybe even extreme as this may sound, the person is completely fine to look at the MOTD to help them. 
I will iterate here though, that you may NOT ask others to help you answer the questions. If you are caught doing so, we will deny your application. 
These are designed to assess your preliminary ability to handle certain situations and test your knowledge. You must work independently.

The kinds of questions that there will be:

  1. Trusted - 3 RDM report questions. 
  2. Test Mods - 2 Harassment + 2 Situational report questions.
  3. Moderators - 3 Ban questions (One on handling ban requests) + 2 Situational questions. 
* Answer the questions individually and carefully. 
** We will not be needing/seeing your emails from the google forms. 
*** Your answers will only be shown to the appropriate committee that handles which ever staff rank applications. 

Future Plans / Conclusion

I'd like to wrap this up with what we intend on doing, which is looking at the jump pack and testing it out when we have the ability to do so. We are listening to your complaints and suggestions, so feel free to share if you have an idea that would be beneficial to the community/server.
Hope you all have a good new year!

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  The TTT News Bulletin: November
Posted by: Avi - 11-24-2019, 08:49 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

The TTT News Bulletin 11/24/19

Hello everyone!  I’m here to make an update thread for the TTT server to share some new additions/changes that have happened since our last update.

New Playermodels
As you may have seen on server, we have some new player models!  These were added to replace some of the older player models that were removed previously.  We have added Giorno, Alucard, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn.  These player models can be found in the regular pointshop, one in the premium pointshop, and one in the model crate.

New Traitor Item
A new version of the poison dart gun has replaced the old version in the T shop. This version has three darts, and you can choose between three types of darts: poison, mute, and blind.  If you find any issues or bugs with this new dart gun, please report them on the forums, discord, or to a staff member.

New Maps
We are currently deciding on new maps for the server!  The Suggestions Team went through the list of suggested maps and tested ones that would work with the server.  Feel free to vote for maps you want to see and add any questions or concerns you have on the thread. You can find that thread here

Hit Reg
Previously, the TTT server had a hit reg addon that was designed to improve the standard Garry’s Mod hit registration.  With a recent update to this addon, the hit reg addon was readded to the main server.  If you notice any issues or bugs with this current update, please reach out on the forums or discord or to the staff so we can address these issues.

Strike System
Today a new system was implemented for TTT staff that’s based on a three-strike system to help the admins address issues in the staff system and keep a record of incidents that occur.  To reiterate to all TTT staff, this is NOT going to be something where strikes are handed out left and right. The list provided in the thread is a set of guidelines for admins to consider when giving verbal warnings and strikes.  We can still choose to give warnings and such as we see fit without the strike, hence why it will be a case by case decision.  The thread pertaining to this new Strike System can be found here.

This is it for the updates.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on this thread or reach out in dms.  And finally, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrate and safe travels!

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  The TTT News Bulletin
Posted by: Gabe - 10-17-2019, 10:20 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (7)

The TTT News Bulletin Episode 1: A New Beginning

Greetings and salutations folks,

I apologize for the corny thread name.. if anyone else has any suggestions for these new regular updates please let me know...

Halloween is quickly closing in on us, so that means it's time for some spooky updates! Before we get to that, just a few general announcements.

  1. This has been an issue for a while, but there has been a bit of a disconnect between staff and players, and we would to close that gap as much as possible. Going forward we will try our best to try to eliminate a lot of the confusion from the get-go. we want to be as honest, transparent, and approachable as possible, and I'm sure the rest of the staff feel the same way.
  2. For those that do not know already, we have a test server located at to test out some new things that could possibly be added to the server. The test server is there for the purpose of the community providing feedback and suggestions, so test away.
  3. A little over a month ago, @queef commando and I launched our prototype version of the "Committee" system in order to move away from the perception of an autocratic rule by the Admins when it comes to things like unban requests and staff apps. We have been monitoring the system and have found it to be pretty good so far. But with every prototype, you are bound to run into some kinks and issues to work out, so that is something we are going to workout to perfect the system in the coming weeks. I will also be making a more in-depth document regarding the committees so it clearly lays out its purpose, Admin oversight, internal rules for committee members, expectations, etc.

New Additions to TTT Upper Staff!

After much shuffling of upper staff and resignations of upper staff, I am pleased to announce two new additions to the TTT Admin team! We've monitored several candidates over the past few months and have chosen two individuals that exemplify everything we seek in an upper staff member. We currently do pretty well defined rules and procedures but we lack is a functional Upper Staff Team. So what we need is a strong team of Admins that can get the often stressful job done. One of my many favorite quotes comes from that of James E Baker. Mr Baker says, "law and process provide an opportunity for success, but do not guarantee results." Mr. Baker then goes on to list that leadership, culture, personality, and good luck are just as important as the law itself, which I firmly agree with and think it applies well here in choosing new Admins in regards to having good leadership, cultures, personalities, and a hint of good luck can help prevent future issues that may arise, and these two individuals have demonstrated time and time again these traits. On top of that these people are also smart, diligent, and knows how to think for themselves. These two individuals are:

both of these people have been role models to our players and lower staff members. On top of being an Admin, they will also serve in the dual capacity as a Committee Leader to provide oversight along with the other current Admins. Now that we are back to a sustainable number of Admins there should always be one that is around when others cycle in and out of activity.  

side note to those that keep pestering me to update staff list: I was waiting for this to happen and will get to it soon.
Prototype Weapons Update

Our fabulous makeshift R&D team of @Christian and formerly @Laced Xanax have been working with Dinkleberg and @Everyjuan  sparingly for the past couple months on pushing out a new weapons update aimed at finally attempting to balance weapons, which to put bluntly will never be perfectly balanced the way everyone wants. Christian already made a thread about this here so I won't type another long paragraph here. After hearing some feedback from the test server, this prototype update will be released tomorrow on the main server. if there are problems with ANY weapon please comment it on Christian's thread or tell an Admin, but there shouldn't be anything too game-breaking in a balancing update... right?

Again, this is just a prototype and more changes to to come.
Halloween Items

So this part is pretty self-explanatory. Our suggestions committee will be working towards getting some new Halloween skins/items out that can be added to our annual exclusive Halloween crate. So they have to be Halloween themed or close to it. I will be making a thread right after this for skin suggestions. Sorry @TheUltraFish, I'm copying and pasting your thread. So credit where credit is due.
General Server Performance Updates

So not promising anything here but this is something that has been haunting us for a while and we will try to fix some of the big issues here with server performance and quality. Y'all have heard this speech so many times so I'm not going to repeat myself, you know what the big issues are.
Future Plans and Conclusions

Perhaps this newsletter kinda thing can be done every month or so... depending on if anything noteworthy comes up that should be communicated. As far as future plans go, we can't predict the future but expect some more positive things to come. Happy Halloween. I apologize for any typos in here wanted to get this out quickly. I guess I will leave this thread open. Don't make me regret it. You guys know the rules... don't shitpost and all that jazz.

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  [TTT] Committee Voting System
Posted by: queef commando - 09-08-2019, 01:02 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (24)

Hey all, we want to make some changes to how voting works in TTT. To give some history as to why voting is the way it is: Voting used to be open to all staff, but it ended up turning into a situation where you had to be friends with the right people to get anywhere, and certain groups would just force people out they didn’t like. So in 2014ish the co-owner, Tyler, restricted voting to admin and higher. The original system and what it turned into are kind of on the extreme of possibilities for voting, so we want to now try something in the middle. The aim is to greater involve the entire staff body in objective conversation without things getting unruly.

Essentially, voting for different things will be divided into different committees. Staff members will be able to join a certain number of these committees and will be appointed by the Admins based on their skills and preferences. For example, someone who is uniquely impartial and a good judge of character may be appointed to a staff app committee if they desire the role. Members of committees can drop out of their committees or can apply to transfer between committees on request.

These committees will have tiered voting where different roles get more votes such that different groups in the committee largely have the same voting power. Members would also need to maintain activity on the server to retain voting ability in their respective committees. Admins will serve on ALL COMMITTEES and as Committee Leaders to help keep things on track. For some committees, a mod may be assigned as the point man who will take over the majority of organization and planning.

The directive and requirements for committees are as follows:
Committee Leadership Team: Sets the agenda for the committees and provides oversight. All TTT Upper Staff members will serve on this team. ADMIN+ ONLY.
Moderator App Committee: Approve/Decline Mod Apps    MOD+ ONLY
Test Mod App Committee: Approve/Decline Test Mod Apps    MOD+ ONLY
Trusted App Committee: Approve/Decline Trusted Apps    TMOD+ ONLY
Ban/Unban Committee: Approve/Decline Major Scale Bans when deemed necessary(ban requests/routine in-game bans will still function the same as before). Also Approve/Decline Unban Requests    TMOD+ ONLY
Training Committee: Design training schemes and assign members of committee to train new and rising staff    TMOD+ ONLY
Suggestions Committee: Consolidate suggestions for new server content, decide what does and does not make sense, keep track of changes that are implemented   TRUSTED+
Discord Moderation Committee: Determine rules and regulations for the discord server, discuss bans for individuals, moderate the chats, enforce rules, help select new members for committee   TRUSTED+


Initial committee assignments are as follows:
To create these assignments we got the preferences of each staff member and assigned them such that they were assigned only to committees they listed as wanting to be in, there were enough people on each committee, and staff were in no more than 3 committees with a preference towards 2.

Moderator App Committee: 
Test Mod App Committee: 
Trusted App Committee:  
Ban/Unban Committee:
Training Committee: 
Suggestions Committee:   
Discord Moderation Committee: This is a joint TTT/PH committee and will require an application, located in Discord Staff Applications. 

Notes, Requirements, and Rules

  1. As a result of this system, sponsors are no longer needed for staff apps in TTT.
  2. Admins(Committee Leaders) are the supervisors of these committees that set the agenda and keep things in order. Admins also reserve the right to remove disruptive individuals that violate the committee rules with Dinkleberg's approval. This can include but isn't limited to showing favoritism and other bias behaviors.
  3. If a person receives the rank of Trusted, Test Mod, or Moderator they MUST wait a minimum of one month from the time of promotion to be eligible for those rank-specific committee assignments.
  4.  If a staff member has not opted to join a committee yet, they may contact an Admin for further instructions and then the Admins will determine which committees they will be assigned to.
  5. A staff member may only be in up to three committee assignments and can resign from the committee at any time or request a transfer application that will either be accepted or denied by the Admins.
  6. In order to be vote eligible on a committee, that staff member must maintain a minimum of 10 hours in a span of two weeks, same for Admins.
  7. Admins shall be the ones to comment the final decisions on that specific thread/topic.
  8. There are no limit to how many people can serve on a committee, but the number should always be odd. In the event of a tie, it shall be broken by deliberation of Upper Staff on the best course of action.
  9. There are also more internal rules and procedures for committee members to follow.

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  Community Toxicity Bans. The Follow Up.
Posted by: Gabe - 09-06-2019, 04:56 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (38)

Report on Community Toxicity

I will start by giving a fair warning that this is going to be long. I ask that you read the whole thing to fully understand everything. Just reading bits and pieces won't tell you anything and will lead to misconceptions. I will provide a brief outline summary for those that don't want to read... or "principle conclusions," if you will. Again, you must read the entire thing to fully understand something not just based on a summary. If you're just reading the summary I hope you realize that we have learned in the past through many reports and commissions established by government entities that summaries don't reveal the whole scope of things and don't matter that much. The report itself is the thing that matters.


  • Was unanimous Admin decision, not one single Admin was the mastermind behind it. Yes, this did have Dinkleberg's approval and he has been watching the whole thing behind the scenes and agreed it has started to become an issue and raised his own concerns on occasion.
  • Bans were never intended to be permanent. This was a placeholder until users appealed and admitted their wrong doings/acknowledged they had some things to work on and then would be reduced on a case by case basis. This was done with the aim to send the message that after many failed attempts to curve toxicity/harassment post after post and announcement after announcement that something actually needed to be done and we aren’t going to tolerate it anymore from here on out. There are more threads, internal discussions, and announcements out there regarding this but you should get the point. Toxicity/Harassment has been an issue for a very long time and a lot of think that there has been very little done about it in the past
  • So essentially, these posts and announcements just weren’t working and a yet another simple post addressing that matter wouldn’t of changed anything nor would a simple warning have benefited us, as a community, in the long run if we truly aimed to reduce the amount of community-wide toxicity/harassment present. This was supposed to be an eye opener. To send a message. Yes, it did come out the wrong way.
  • Some of you were staff as well and should’ve known better. We know a lot of these people were well-liked, they were our friends too, and it was hard for some of us. However, we cannot give special or preferential treatment to these people just because they are well-liked, everyone must be treated equally. 
  • To put this in better perspective, if any random guest/group of guests were doing this kind of unfitting behavior and multiple people were afraid to post and interact because they are not a part of this group, wouldn’t we instantly punish them?
  • We also felt since you guys have had warnings in general before(some individually, some as whole, and some as a community). Just before the ban, behaviors and conduct was brought up yet again. It felt unneeded to keep repeating ourselves time after time again. But I can honestly see where talking about it individually would have benefited everyone more but would not have solved the problem in the long run and would’ve been another temporary band-aid fix.
  • Majority of evidence is NOT from a private discord, it is actually the minority of evidence, think of it more as secondary/supplemental evidence. 
  • As said before, we CANNOT post every piece of evidence due to some of these users requesting that we do not go public with their evidence. Some of them we can explain in words without showing the pictures, but others we cannot even explain due to the sensitivity of the matter. It was a very large diverse group of people that have submitted evidence to us and have requested not to go public with it and keep it sealed, it was not the same two-three people over and over again with some sort of crusade to get rid of you guys, it was a very diverse group of people.
  • If I had to describe this whole situation I would describe it through the words of the great Sun Tzu, "Disorder came from orderfear came from courageweakness came from strength." What this means in my perspective is that Chaos and backlash came from the decision made by the upper staff. There was a bit of disorder in terms of communication between and from the upper staff, the order figure. There was order inside of disorder, most of the community initially coming to oppose this decision and express their opinions. Fear came out of the courage of the Upper Staff to act on this issue and what it would mean for the future. Weakness came from the strength of the community to speak out, as expected when making this hard decision. But in the end, all will hopefully understand why this event took place and we will turn that weakness into strength, in the long run, accepting the short term backlash and perceived weakness in the Upper Staff. I do expect people not to get it still.
Why It Happened

Let’s just reiterate one thing here. This decision was made unanimously by the Upper Staff in principle and was not one Admin was the mastermind behind it all, which seems to be popular opinion. Did we rush it? A little. Could’ve we planned it out better? Yes. Did this need to happen eventually? Yes, it was inevitable. Let’s dive in here and explain in the most rational way I can. Again, this was a decision made jointly between Queef, Gabe, Nuru, Fish, and in consultation with Dinkleberg, who was also growing concerned with these several issues for some time.

As far as previous warnings and punishments, there have been general warnings given out regarding toxicity as a whole. Those that were staff should also know better than to act that way as well. The truth is a simple warning could not have avoided this, absolutely not, it was time we put our foot down to fix this plague of toxicity and harassment that has run rampant for far too long without serious consequence or serious punishment. Again, a simple warning or another pointless thread talking about toxicity and harassment would have solved nothing in the long run and would've been another "bandaid fix." Contrary to popular belief, not everyone was banned for the same reason and we will go through every case individually down below here in a bit. This may have not been communicated that well, and we apologize for that.

One of the many concerns regarding this crackdown was that these punishments were too harsh, but taking a look beneath the surface actually shows that this is not as harsh as you think. As said in the original post, “These members may appeal this decision and each will be decided on a case by case basis.” Decided, meaning a chance to reduce. As many have seen, Tdawg has appealed, and his ban has been amended. Everyone else this far has not exerted their right to appeal for reduce but instead decide not to admit any fault at all and have essentially claimed that they have done nothing wrong. We get this came out the wrong way, but continuing some of the same behavior for certain individuals and proving the overall point of the ban in part is not the way to go either.

Many people have suggested that these users were banned for “giving their opinion,” that is categorically false. The reason on that front was how they CONVEYED their opinion and attacking other people’s opinions when they did not agree with it, most of the time in unison whether it be via reputation or replies. 

Some may argue “people have a right to express an opinion” and “freedom in speech” but speech is not necessarily free and has its limits. We do agree free speech is fundamental to us and allows us to discover the truth, to benefit from a diverse group of opinions to make rational decisions, and to enjoy having a good community. However, free speech has to be fair and not be used in a way that is detrimental to our community. In the 1969 Supreme Court case, Brandenburg vs Ohio, dealt with our first amendment right and dealt with a response to the advocacy of illegal conduct. For context, the defendant had given racist remarks and anti-semitic speech at a KKK rally. The Court ruled that a state could not criminalize “advocacy of the use of force or law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such an action.” In basic terms, you do have a right to freedom of speech but you are also going to be held to what you say to others and face the consequences when neccessary.

Now you may be asking how the heck this relates to this ban? The answer is simple, the majority of these people were banding together making comments that were likely to advocate and incite (or) produce a lawless action against our MOTD, specifically rule 6. Mob mentality. Going against people that didn't agree in an uncivil way, attacking others for their dissenting opinions, and making others across the community fear giving their opinion on certain important threads because they feare receiving intense and unneccesary backlash from these individuals or they just not want to have to deal with the likely consequences of giving a dissenting opinion. Both of which are ridiculous and should not happen. We are supposed to be problem solvers, not creators, and figure things out in a civil way, not turning it into an all out war. Wars like this have its consequences and create a domino effect. Once a few people fall victim to fearing to comment on important threads due to this group of people specifically, others will eventually fall and continue to do so. Again, a simple warning wouldn't of fixed this issue in the long run, not at all. 

Every "War" has its consequences and you will lose some battles, but that does not mean you will lose the "war." We always knew there would be backlash. We thought it was better to deal with the short term consequences of an unpopular decision that will be beneficial in the long run. To put this whole thing in a better perspective and I truly hate to use an example like this.: On August 6, 1945, then President Harry S. Truman had the strength to make the the heavily divided decision to drop the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima knowing there would be backlash but be successful in the long run in a sense. He said, "It is an awful responsibility that has come to us." The other alternatives Truman practically had was launch a bloody invasion on Japan that a study concluded would've cost around 1.7 million american fatalities and about five to seven million Japanese casualties or drop the bombs in a different place. Truman's overall goal was not to destroy Japanese culture or people, but had a goal was to destroy Japan's ability to make war. So why am I bringing this up? Because much had Truman, we had an awful responsibility that came to us with this situation, but we had to make the choice to save the community from much further harm knowing it would have severe consequences but would benefit us in the long run and would've been a much better alternative to make the courageous decision to make a decision like we did here. 

I guess where I was trying to go with this, in short, is that we had an awful responsibility brought before us and had to make the hard decision knowing it would also cost us a lot of casualties with people not involved and have a lasting impact on the community both ways, but strength would ultimately prevail. The other thing I'm trying to connect here is the debate over dropping the atomic bomb in ethical and legal justification terms will never be resolved in a sense of who was right and who was wrong, much like I anticipate this debate to never end. Some people will always say it was "unethical" to ban these people without "warning" and if it was even justified. I do still stand by the decision made here and it was inevitable, and so do the rest of the Admins.

That’s what this part of the bans was essentially... minus the history lesson, I get a bit carried away. Again, each individual’s case will be explained below.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Why the Bans had to be Issued.

Laced Xanax: Where to begin here… Essentially, your ban was a part of this “hivemind” that we did not want to continue existing in our community that was detering players from wanting to participate in community activities outside of the server itself, such as commenting on apps, voicing opinions, etc. Instead, these people were afraid to speak their mind out of fear of receiving heavy backlash from a certain group or not wanting to deal with the backlash. Essentially, going out of your way to put people down for their opinion, even if you might think you aren’t. Apps are mainly supposed to be to give input and for maybe small debate at most, not an all out war. Admins are the ones who debate the apps mostly while heavily factoring in community input a lot. Once again, no one was banned for expressing their opinion, it was how it was conveyed and uncivil in most cases as well as “attacking” others for their opinions. The way you have responded to certain people that have been pushed out of this “group” shows as well. There was also your ban for using a certain bind and one or two other minor things. We know you were a big proponent of combating toxicity in our community, and we appreciate that. But the issue is that in your fight against toxicity, you yourself were becoming toxic and you started realizing that too and should be noted. One of the many fascinating things Confucius has said is, “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.” Again, these bans are not intended to be permanent. They are placeholders until the user appeals, can acknowledge some of their wrongs, and try to right those wrongs.The other thing worth mentioning is that after this ban took place, some of the behavior you have exhibited has proven the overall point of this ban and reaffirmed the need for it. You obviously had a reasonable right to be upset over it, but some of the things were just too far and has shown that you and a few others were handling the whole thing poorly. Obviously there are still going to be some things for some people that they have requested it not to be shown for privacy.

Lily: The most blatant way to put this is that you were the epicenter of this “hivemind” and it all revolved around you somehow, either directly or indirectly. Some of it was direct and some of it was equally indirect. Again, there are some things we cannot show publicly still but directly relate you to most of the ongoings that were happening. Further evidence that we do have the shows you being the epicenter of these things sadly is what we cannot show, and we apologize for this. However it’s enough to warrant your ban. I do get that people will say "you guys are lying, you don't have any evidence and are trying to spin it." I get your point, I do, but there will just have to be a level of trust here. Given by the three separate responses at the top regarding the privacy of evidence, I think it should be reasonable to believe that we can't show some.

WILD: Wild, your punishment was more revolved about your mentality and us feeling it was just not fitting to be staff on our server any longer. As a Moderator, you’d always act like you were the one in charge and still the Co-Owner. Similarly, on occasion, you would throw around that you used to be Co-Owner when someone did not agree with you. At one point you had also approached a ph staff via dms trying to tell them off for what they were saying in general chat during the whole thing between dong/link/etc was happening. You also tried to act intimidating here towards this staff member. This is one example of trying to make people feel inferior to you. So this, in short, explains the demotion aspect. Also yes, this was one piece of evidence that we could not show nor are we going to show at the moment. This person knows who they are and if they would like to speak out on it, it is up to them. As far as the ban goes, what wild said has said in other discord shown in the original posts has always been very concerning to us. The things wild said were really concerning, to the point where  we couldn’t trust him or his motives We felt that he was trying to grow his influence which played a big factor in the mob mentality incidents. The way he put others down while trying to put his supporters and friends on a lime light in a sly manner was something we did not want happening here. As stated in the Brandenburg case, advocacy directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such an action, we felt this was going to lead to a scenario like that, started seeing signs and trends, and had to act upon it. 

I’m just going to copy and paste this line from the original post as well I guess since it was there. “It is not okay to lie about your history and actions, belittle others, falsify situations, pathetically brag and be toxic just to feed your own ego.” Again, bans were NEVER meant to be permanent, was merely a placeholder. It was meant to get the message across and for these individuals to acknowledge their mistakes, show us how they will improve upon it, then either be reduced or unbanned. After the Ban: not to mention that some of the behaviors you have chose to exert after the ban, which again we know was poorly planned and executed, that sort of proved the whole point of our crackdown, it should not be hard to figure out.

Tdawg: In all honesty, your ban was the least justified and has been amended accordingly via the appeal. The demote should've been enough to warrant the punishment. I genuinely do not know how to begin here. Just a message in general to people is to not begin a match of your personal opinion is right, there is wrong and not acknowledge it. You don't have to like everyone's opinion, but you have to respect people and respect their reasons for holding that opinion. People should be treated the way you would like to be treated. The only thing that was considered "wrongdoing" would've been those messages in part, and we've been over that. 

Rits: Your ban took place for multiple infractions, after returning from a previous community ban. You have been banned for harassment, kicked for racism, warned multiple times for racism, and still continued to break rules. Just because the person you are talking to in this way is okay with it, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to break the rules. Upon warnings, you still went out of your way in the public main discord to ping and target Proper as well, after being told to ignore it. She was punished. You were also kicked for keeping it going, and doing it back. At this point it was suggested that your community ban come back. Too many incidents have occurred where you were punished or heavily warned. This warranted your ban. This is a compiled a list of all evidence we can show.

Link: Your ban took place due to your inability to make your own decisions and follow someone who was becoming highly toxic, and copying them. When Rits would be punished, or someone else that you were close with, you would in turn mock the person that punished said friend publicly, or would pm the person responsible and try to correct them or make them believe they were wrong. (Example of this is chats with Nuru, when you would run to her and tell her she was wrong for kicking/banning rits, and then when explained why, you would form your own opinion finally instead of trying to take hers) This happened several times. Among this, other things you have done have added onto why you were banned. You repeatedly crossed lines with jokes. What would be simple jokes to others, you would cross lines and take it too far. An example of this is the warning you received over Kuono. It was merely a slap on the wrist, and instead of expressing you were upset and leaving it at that, you took it to public discord and mocked for receiving said warning, and then refused to drop the topic until it was made clear that you were going to far and upsetting people, when it was visible before this fact. This was after Kuono and you both had been told to avoid one another, and she did so, and blocked you, and left all discords you were in. So you went out of your way to take jabs at someone. For all these reasons above, and repeatedly doing so when told it was wrong, you were added into these bans. 

Battons: Your ban was apart of what we called a “mob mentality” and attacking people publicly and privately for disagreeing with you/others that are a part of this. Again, this has nothing to do with expressing an opinion, it was how it was conveyed and executed to attack another person. This is something that cannot happen. Like I said before, this makes people afraid to comment on applications and that is something that is absolutely not okay. It will also deter others from wanting to comment on an application out of fear of backlash and not wanting to be a part of the community for that reason, and that’s now okay again. As said before, a simple warning wouldn’t have any benefit, in the long run, to fix this issue once and for all. We needed to set an example and show that we are not going to tolerate this anymore. Also to reiterate: bans were never meant to be permanent. They were intended to be permanent as a placeholder, users would appeal, and would be reduced on a case by case basis.

Not Done Yet. More Explanation Based on Your Comments! 
(may be some repeats in here in case people are skipping over sections.)
We’re reading what you’re all saying. We are not ignoring the community but the community doesn’t have full context of the things that have been pointed out to and shown to us for the past two months. For some time now we’ve been having this ongoing problem of toxicity of a majority (above and below the surface) crushing those of the minority that are too scared to speak up.

For this, we don’t think that the punishments were too harsh and never had the intention of remaining permanent indefinitely. We in the upper staff team have not forum banned anyone so that those banned can make their case whether they feel they have done any wrong or not and could be reduced on a case by case basis.

Onto the next topic of people claiming that they’re being banned for their opinions- this isn’t true. That’s just another perspective to take a narrative on. We don’t believe we’re strictly restricted to Dinkleberg’s Discord if it is harming another player in the form of one negative standpoint to one hiveminding biased viewpoint. It’s very damaging and unwelcome to single anyone out like this when it comes into the forums, server, or discord. Some examples are hiveminding on recent staff applications to attack people that don’t agree with their viewpoint via replies or by a show of forum reputation.

For example, something we all know of is freedom of speech. Not everyone knows though that that right has limitations. We’re trying to reduce the amount of toxicity happening working off such a model. That kind of expression is what’s causing this mob mentality.

A prime example is the original thread Addressing Toxicity. This is on a mass scale of mob mentality; we’re mostly seeing people trying to state that this wasn’t a unanimous vote and that it was rigged and pushed by Queef. I’d like everyone to know that every upper staff, both active and inactive voted and came to this mutual understanding. This isn’t just a community backlash on a whole because there are two sides to this situation. Really inactive staff like Drew and EveryJuan were not around when this took place.

Upper staff had either noticed or were made aware of a couple different groups forming. Nothing necessarily wrong with that as groups of friends grow and change constantly especially in such a large community as this one with many sub-communities as well. However, no matter how two of these particular mini groups started, if not more, they became toxic and harassing in nature. Common things that they would do is go after other groups or individuals that did not agree with their mentality. These groups would go into such things such various threads on the forums, on server, individual’s dms, and follow them through Discords depending on what thing was done that they disagreed with. I can understand and respect standing up for your friend but going farther than that to the point of harassment should not be tolerated here or in any community. Multiple individuals who fell victim of just having different ideals and perspectives from these individuals went silent and would not comment on things either in fear of being targeted once or again. Several of these individuals would contact trusted upper staff to relay their concerns either to be known in the threads of concern, quite a few, not even that. Some even left the community to either find or build new communities away from these issues constantly occurring.

A constant notice of the announcement was lack of evidence that subjected to some of the individuals to said crime that they committed. They were not all banned for the same thing or that is what the discussion before the bans took place were believed to have meant. We are here to make it CLEAR that not everyone is banned for the same thing. We have explained why each person is banned which is what we should have done to begin with. We cannot and will not make some of the evidence that we have made public due to the sensitive nature that said evidence contains. This is not to say that the bulk of the community would not be able to handle or understand the situation that becomes clear with the evidence but that with every community, there are people who will go after those that they harassed or that reported them. That could happen from the harasser specifically or members of the groups that were previously mentioned could go after them. In a perfect world, we would release said information, but in said world, this would have never happened in the first place.

We wanted to be clear that no one is above the rules when it comes to such rules as harassment, being extremely toxic and/or going out of their way not to just disagree with but attack individuals with a differing opinion. We also saw that it was clear that we need to make things more clear by the community seeing the aftermath that has been caused because of it. We are only human and many times we are looking from the outside in. This is not to dismiss everything that each individual was a part of either together or separately, but clarification is key. Completely inactive upper staff did not vote on this particular issue. Again, most people are blaming Queef solely for this, and it was not him alone. It was all of our decisions. We knew that when posting the thread and doing the bans that there would be backlash. We accepted that as friends of the community members being banned would obviously object to said bans. We understood that not all the evidence would be made available due to their sensitive nature.

We understand some of this evidence is months old, but when it comes to many of these things like “hive minding” or “toxicity” or “harassment” sometimes those are things that happen slowly over time and then build. This is the case with several of these people, they were guilty of repeatedly doing one of the above. It took a few months for each of us to gather evidence. While we received many complaints, nothing could be done at the time, and alone, each of us had evidence, but not enough to place a ban or punishment. When we as admins got together and began to share our evidence, we realized just how much we had, and how bad the issues with each were. That is what ultimately led to the final decision of the community bans. Again these weren’t meant to be forever bans, just place holders for each person, for them to realize their actions, and make up for them. This was also to be a message to the community in general that we were no longer going to tolerate this, and that people should not be afraid to talk. We want everyone to feel welcome here, and feel like they have a voice. Several of these people have prevented that for many users, new and old. We never meant for the harm to come that did, but this is what we can do to explain our thought processes, and show you, the community, what brought us to these decisions and bans.

Some Direct Comments Responded to by Admins

[Image: 994a6780013b106573042d1d0e48345c.png]
You are absolutely able to report admins. The staff abuse section is for this. Nobody is above anyone here. Not even admins. If you feel that they are deserving of punishment, post here. If you’re not comfortable doing so, message dink, or an admin you trust. It will be handled. Keep in mind this doesn’t guarantee it’ll go your way, just it will be handled properly.

[Image: 72ffbf2941f48963de0d4735813f577d.png]
Our intention wasn’t ever to keep anyone permanently banned, but for them to see their wrong doings, admit to it, and then when we see sincerity and the want to change, unban fully, or reduce, based on the severity of each case. As for evidence, some of it is weeks or months old, because things like this take a while to gather enough on to be able to do anything about. This is due to the acts themselves being sneaky. Yes, several of you were previously punished/talked to for some things either community wide, individually, or as a group. But a community ban comes when you’ve either reached enough punishments, or the acts are severe enough to warrant one. In this case, some were the first, some were the second, some where more than seconds.

[Image: 90ad4cf9efe5d50a73ee594f614b8769.png]
Many of the people that were banned, have received multiple warnings over time for multiple things and for toxicity previously. Some should've known better too. It shouldn't have to be restated every time it happens. Do you warn people in the server 12 times before a ban? No of course not. It’s the same principle here. They had a few warnings, got punished a few times, now it’s up to the big punishment and stepping up efforts besides just ineffective warnings and ineffective posts/announcements regarding this topic. Again, please read the entire thread before commenting on something like this to understand it fully.

[Image: 6ac64d5dcb353788c50333727536ac94.png]
When we originally posted the thread, we grouped it all together as mob mentality and toxicity, and that is our fault for not being more thorough. By this we in no way meant that everyone was doing it together, but that they were almost all guilty of one, the other, or both. As for the evidence, we are going to show as much as possible. But there is a lot. It’s why it has taken us so long to do this.

If there are more questions you as a community have, after this, please ask them and we will do our best to address them in a timely manner. We only ask that instead of witch-hunting like before, you talk to us calmly and maturely. 


  • Just going to say this again in case people just skip down to the bottom. Read. The. Entire. Thing. First. To. Fully. Understand.
  •  I think it is time we all lay down our arms and become whole again... or partly. To the people Banned: Appeal if you desire to come back. They were never meant to be permanent.  
  • This is supposed to be a community, not a High School. Some of our players may be in high school, but this is a Garry's Mod Community, not a place for toxicity, harassment, or petty drama. We need people to stop screwing around on the forums when it comes to brigading and derailing important threads, mass-downvoting, and excessive necroing/shitposting. It needs to stop. These are just some of the things.
  • No one is better than anyone else. You certainly don't have to like everyone. You don't have to like everyone's opinion, but you have to respect people and respect their reasons for holding that opinion. People should be treated the way you would like to be treated. 
  • I might have more stuff to add to this after initial post. Also btw ik there are probably some obvious typos in here, will slowly get them out

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