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Anonymous Feedback
Recent events have made it clear that some members of the community at large feel that they have no means by which to voice their thoughts and opinions without facing backlash from the majority opinion of others. Players and staff should feel that they can share their concerns, be it pertaining to other staff, gameplay, the community discourse, or anything at all, without feeling attacked or that they are putting a target on their back.

In an effort to remedy this, I have set up a Google form that anyone can now provide feedback through.

Responses to this form will in turn receive a reply concerning the feedback provided (e.g. If you report an abuser through it with proof, then you will receive information about disciplinary action taken, etc.). You can choose whether or not to remain entirely anonymous as well if you so desire as the form collects no information.

Obviously people will spam this, but the real responses will make dealing with those worth it so it is not a concern for me.

Personally, my desire for the community has always been to show transparency and impartiality, and hopefully this can contribute to that goal.

Is this feedback form still being looked at?
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(06-09-2018, 04:15 PM)Hillrop Wrote: Is this feedback form still being looked at?


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