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Community Chat About PH
Below I'd like you guys (the PH community) to let me know what you guys would like to see or how we could make this server better in your eyes. I've had a few people pm me and ask if we could get a few different maps and I've addressed those in a few posts this week. So that being said is there anything else you guys would like to see?
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Quote:Make it to where spectator can only be joined by staff
The reason for this is because when someone joins spectator we as staff have to stop and take time to tell them to move and swap. In my opinion this issue can easily be solved by making it where it just dont happen.. it would also make less stress for staff whilst on the server. and give them more time to focus on other essential things on the server

Make it to where players can only switch teams twice
The reason for this is whenever someone switches we have to repeat our selves thousands of times why not make it to where players can only switch twice (this being the initial switch from unassigned) this will allow players to switch with out getting in trouble while trying to be with there friends, after they do their two switches they can no longer switch unless they have a trusted+ force swap them (this will also make it to where if we catch someone ghosting they cant keep switching back to the opposite team of their friends) would save staff a lot of breath and make them have more time to focus on the mic and chat spamming (staff are exempt from this) 

Maybe some donator packages?
Like For instance donator has kick mute and gag and a cool purple name..
maybe create other ones. ones with other fun commands. like ignite scale ect.. like give the lowest rank one or two of thoes fun commands and then make another donator package that has 3-4 ect ect

Change the chat settings. 
The automated messages on the server are really spammy. I think the time on them should be a bit longer inbetween messages. and i think they should all be one color. the chat is already extremly color full as it is. so make it one solid color that people arent allowed to use. 
Crosshair settings.
I would honestly love to be able to customize the crosshairs, because the default crosshair is too small/transparent that you can barely see it. Some people might not care about this, but I for one would love to be able to have a better crosshair.
What I have on my mind is for team swapping issues. None of these are major issues or big need but might benefit the server.
1. I have noticed people have purposefully changed their name to a color like [teal]FakeSteamName to attempt to switch teams without getting noticed by the online staff, and on occasion I bet they are successful. Maybe add a symbol representing each team so that we can tell the difference.

2. The team swapping command. Having the command is nice, but as a staff member I have either died as a prop, have misspelled !forceswap on more than one occasion, or have sometimes taken awhile to getting to be able to type in the command. Maybe we can alter the command to something like !fs for forceswap or !ts for teamswap.

3. Make it so that members/users cannot mute staff mic's as they can miss important instructions (as happened to me last night).

As I said, these are just some ideas to benefit and make the lives easier for staff members.
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I would like the PH staff to be more active in the staff discord
(05-16-2018, 01:04 AM)Foxka Wrote: I would like the PH staff to be more active in the staff discord

We use our own Discord for staff issues with authorization by Dink. The current staff discord is no bueno and it makes it too difficult for me to keep track of things. For example, the PH staff discord has 10 different text channels for specific things like discussing illegal spots, ban requests, or simply stuff for me to do. I find this extremely easy for me and I think most staff members would agree that this makes things easier. I can definitely see why the old PH staff had their own server. Luckily, I have no intention of EVER creating my own server.
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We need an auto balance system, for when all the staff are on the same team, when there are 3 players on one team that end a map with 10 kills each while the other team has only 10 kills total. I feel like these two problems turn people away from the server, especially when they log in and see a player with 20+ kills with 2 or 3 rounds remaining.
Hey guys, hopefully I'm not posting too frequently, I just have lots of ideas. Tongue

Ever think we might see maybe an achievement/trophy system?
Like this
Become top player for one map = 25 premium points, and some achievement tab lists them?
I will be commenting back on all of these soon. I just have quite a bit on my plate right now sorry.
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Ghosting needs to be addressed WAAAAY more than it is right now, and handled differently.

I think there should be warnings for it, and give the ghosters options to join their friend.
Then after refusal/repeated ghosting, then kick/ban. It helps cut down on it greatly, considering most people that ghost, honestly aren't fully aware that its as wrong as they feel.

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