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Eh, Why not?
(02-13-2020, 07:29 PM)Mr Voss Wrote:

I don't feel like you're familiar enough with PH rules and Guidelines. 

Last week I was on server with you and a player said the N word, and you instantly gagged them after them saying it once. You are not wrong that we as a community do not allow this word, however within PH we have a Warn then punish procedure. The exception being is if they are spamming it either in voice or chat, other than that it's a warn then gag/mute. 

I brought this to your attention while you were on server and shortly after you went back to TTT. 

I understand you're a TTT Moderator, and it's fantastic that you want to be more involved on various servers. 

Another concern is that you barely exceed the requirements, if you had 80+ hours on server I would have been at least a +0 on your application as I would be more confident in your involvement in PH.  

Best of luck to you mate, I do believe you can do well on PH but I suggest getting a bit more familiar with how we run things. 
So you're saying that you dont think he deserves staff because he gagged a bigot for saying the N word?
Another issue I have with your comment is that the requirements for the staff app is indeed 60 hours and killer definitely meets that criteria. If you are going to -1 people for meeting the criteria then I dont see this comment being constructive or helpful.

As for my opinion, Killer is amazing staff and PH would greatly benefit from allowing him to help out thier team. He is always fair and levelheaded on TTT and would make a great addition to the PH team, even if he still wants to remain on the TTT side of things.
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I don’t think you’ve understood what Voss is trying to say. Our rules and procedures on PH are slightly different to TTT so he is suggesting that he get some more experience of how we do things as we all need to be staffing the same way. Yes the requirements say 60hrs minimum but not everyone is ready to staff at 60 hours. 

I had no idea that you were interested in joining us Killer, I do think you’d be a good asset to the team if you can balance the two servers as most people have said before that they can and they honestly never do. However the two servers are very different and we don’t have reports like TTT do and often have to gather all the evidence ourselves. Trusted are not just about gagging and muting you need to know what your looking for in other trouble makers and get evidence. I will be neutral for now, get some experience with bam requests and gathering evidence. Also have a good read over our staff guidelines so you know how we do things. 

Good luck  Cool

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Just a friendly reminder that this is a staff application. Provide your input, a vote and depart, shit posting is not allowed here. Keep it focused on killerzOreo or don't post anything at all.

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Not gonna vote because I'm a TTT nerd, but killer is a very good asset to the ttt staff team and I feel like he'd do well and be able to balance the 2. Slight rule differences aren't the end of the world, just needs a refresher on the guidelines and I believe 100% he will be able to differentiate the rules of the two servers. Just my opinion from my time staffing with killer of course.
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