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Helper Rank
(11-22-2019, 09:32 PM)TheUltraFish Wrote: "Then maybe let's do it as a fallback. We're not confident enough to give them staff but we wanna see if they can handle the issues of being staff. I know this server also has a history of promoting bad staff to Trusted and we've had what we've called "Forever Trusted". Just give people a chance to show they can use powers without making them a Trusted rank." Travis

So now instead of having to keep an eye on all staff and several donors for possibly abusing powers, we would also have to keep track of people who we don't fully trust with a rank that is basically donor and that would be absolutely pointless to give donors on top of everything else? If I am not confident in giving someone the trusted rank that they apply for or that the community does not believe is ready with good reason, then they will not get trusted. Not to mention in what you are suggesting, they could either get denied a trusted application and receive a rank that they did not want, or just by getting rid of the trusted application altogether and selecting people on the server we believe are good candidates and giving the Helper Rank (with their okay of course).

We have enough ranks, if a person wants to gain our trust to get the trusted rank, they can do so in many ways. A few of the ways, helping out on the server, letting staff know of troublemakers either by using the admin chat, by contacting a staff member via steam or discord, pinging on call staff, being a good or decent role model on the server, being active in the community (forums, discord, server, etc.), turning in ban requests, and asking questions about various subjects.

Not like that, people you don't trust you don't give. If someone, however, kind of splits the votes, for instance, let's say a regular who isn't too involved in the community, but meets the min. requirements. Instead of giving trusted right away, give them helper and see how they do from that. If they do well, then promote to trusted and if not too well then just demote them back to regular. They don't need to have access to staff chat or staff discord.
From my perspective, on ttt there are instances where we allow donors to help with certain things (gag/mutes/etc) while staff are on. And then trusted gives you access to staff stuff. From what I gather this is donor rank without paying for donor. And Im not a fan of hand selecting people for ranks because it encourages people to act differently around staff and turns into a favorites game (kinda like how the first community I staffed for turned into at times because you only applied for the first rank and were hand selected for the rest). And if this is supposed to be a rank to assist staff then they would need some kind of staff access in my opinion.
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I skimmed other responses, but if staff want them to have these powers they should suggest to them to apply. Mostly* you just need a pulse and don’t troll. Anyone ready to have the powers can apply, it doesn’t take too long. If you’re approaching them go offer a staff position, from im assuming an admin or dink would have this power, then they would get through the process anyways.
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