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It's been a while!
Heyo! You guys will probably know me by the name of Oddbodd and although I have announced being able to play more, I haven't really been sticking to that. However, I'ma try to play a bit more since I miss you guys so much!! <3
Tea and crumpets will always blow my trumpets!

[Image: 28880325-english-crumpets-with-butter-on...jack-m.jpg]

Oddbodd the musical man,
He is musical whenever he can.
With all of these rhymes
that he makes all the time,
Oddbodd the musical man.

welcome back odd! hope to play with ya soon
[Image: ban_2.png]
[Image: aug_kick_2.png]
Hey welcome back, hope to see ya around again
[Image: finished.png]
'It Feels Like' by 1551
Missed you buddy! Hopefully see you soon  Big Grin

[Donor]*DEAD* Silverwolf9k: 'pixies pickle'
[Member]Epicpotato421: pixie how big is ur pickle
[Moderator]*DEAD* Lt_Deathstar: owo
[Donor]*DEAD* augmENTreality2: king size
[Image: 5a5bec1b162f9c5913f73c4f6cbfb04b.png]
Oi mate, come around anytime you like. You handsome English man.
[Image: OR3XCwi.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]


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