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Points issue
I was on TTT earlier and noticed that I wasn't donor anymore (or may not have been before) so I hopped over to PH to see if i was donor there (I was). Realizing this, I bought donor for TTT (because TTT is superior and the best, no homo), the system then gave me the points on PH and not on TTT.  I'd much rather have the points on TTT if possible. Yes I bought the right package because the donating system wont allow you to buy it for yourself again (I double checked it). You can check the system logs and see I was just added to Donor on TTT. 

I don't care if the points are removed from PH and transferred to TTT. 

I just want to get some more stuff on TTT and the prem/reg points would've been a big help there. 

Yes, I have Donor on both PH and TTT now. Judge all you want.
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