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Problem with the Prop Menu
So, the prop menu has this thing where sometimes (It probably depends on location) it won't let you switch props, but it will say that you have one less prop switch remaining. I understand why it wont let you switch under certain conditions, but I was wondering if it would be possible to stop it from affecting your remaining menu switches.

Short video example of what I am talking about
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Depends how it’s coded I suppose
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Okay, so it is a bit more stingy than the old one I understand that. One thing that the prop menu is that it doesn't like borders as much as the old one even though it is still pretty easy to get into the mesh of the borders of the map and other props. What I'm guessing with this scenario is that you were too close to the ceiling of the map in that spot since it varies on restaurant 2019 on where the ceiling is, especially outside.

If you choose a spot and try to use the prop menu where the prop does not fit easily, is a constant other issue. The main intention of this was too clean up the prop menu so that it worked on every map, didn't have hundreds of props with repeats in it, but also so that pixel hunting, getting out of the map, and illegally hiding in the full mesh of things would become less of an issue.

It is sometimes quite frustrating and nitpicky, but is still better than the old menu.

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In my experience with the new menu It mainly doesn't work if you are Airborne, Sliding, Crouching, or Clipping into a mesh. Otherwise, it works fine.
Did someone say overly technical explanation?

This doesn't have anything to do with the prop menu, you're just crouched. You can always tell if you're crouched  when you look at the horizon and the crosshair points to your body instead of above your head.
if pl:Team() == TEAM_PROPS && pl:IsOnGround() && !pl:Crouching() && table.HasValue(USABLE_PROP_ENTITIES, ent:GetClass()) && ent:GetModel() then
Here's the code PH uses to check if the player can turn into a prop. The player has to:
  • Be on team props
  • Be contacting the floor
  • Not be in a crouched state
  • The prop must listed as usable (Not in the illegal props list)
  • The prop must have a model
The reason you're actually crouched in that spot is because the map has an invincible ceiling to prevent players from going out of bounds, and you can't actually be in a standing state while in that tree. Looking at the map's collision shapes reveals this.

Additionally, the prop menu we use checks if the user can move before transforming you. It would be nice that it didn't count as a "use" when it fails to change you, though. Actually, why does it even count uses? Being able to change into dumb shit when people aren't looking is fun!
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I’ve also noticed that if say you’re a tall object that gets stuck in the ceiling it will not let you change back to anything else on the prop menu.
(01-18-2020, 02:47 AM)leftjupiter18 Wrote: I’ve also noticed that if say you’re a tall object that gets stuck in the ceiling it will not let you change back to anything else on the prop menu.

Yeah, as I said, it doesn't like changing you if you can't move. A special someone should look into changing this ;^)
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