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TTT- Admin Requirements and Changes
Okay so….

First off I’d like to start this thread off by saying that I’m sorry it took me so long to handle this. The problems I’m addressing in this thread are issues that have existed for YEARS, and I have not properly addressed them in the past.

Upper staff inactivity/misconduct:

This is probably the most serious issue that has gone unaddressed for the longest. Currently, the admins on the server have been very inconsistent with playtime over the past year-2 or however long its been since they have received the promotion. My problems with the current group do not lie in their ability to moderate the server, but simply their lack of activity. While I’m not on the TTT server as much as I’d like to be, especially with the recent situation we’ve been facing on PH, I am usually aware of how much the upper staff are active.

What I’m referring to is activity on simply the server alone. While I really do appreciate upper staff that are active on the forums and discord as well, ultimately the server is what this is all for at the end of the day. Since the admins and co-owner are the ones who ultimately get to make the decisions on ban requests, unban requests, and staff applications, it seems only logical that they would need to be on the server more than the other staff members to witness the conduct of the player(s) in question. The only way to truly know what occurs on the server is to be online and witness it in person, as there are always two sides to each story. Also, staff apps and ban/unban requests have been left waiting for weeks at a time due to the inactivity of certain admins.

It’s finally time we address these issues, as the inactivity of the upper staff is degrading the overall quality of the server. Admins and co-owner must be able to maintain at least 10 hours every 2 weeks on the server. Any admin reported AFKing to boost their time, or being unable to maintain this requirement will be dropped to moderator.

I realize this can be a lot to ask of those of you who have lives and jobs and lots of shit outside the server, but those of you unable to maintain this activity will just have to step down. This is simply what the server needs for functionality. Also excessive delays in replying to admin votes will also be valid grounds for demotion.

I’ve also noticed a good deal of misconduct/ a notion of superiority from the admins and co-owner. I’ve witnessed and been shown multiple instances of a couple upper staff members deleting people’s upvotes, posts, and reputation on the forums. This type of behavior will absolutely no longer be acceptable, and ANY future repetition of this type of action will result in demotion.

Another issue I’ve noticed is the upper staff taking too much “charge” over other staff members. You are not in control of the other staff members, and they are not your children. You need to treat them with equal respect and you need to respect their decisions. Some of the current upper staff have shown a notion of superiority over not only other TTT staff, but other staff in general, which is behavior that will no longer be tolerated. There are certain TTT upper staff that have a great deal of pride they need to swallow, and I’d hope they know who they are.

PLEASE UPPER STAFF MAKE MY LIFE EASIER AND BE AN EXAMPLE FOR EVERYONE ELSE ON THE SERVER. Seriously. I’m tired of hearing complaints on you guys, and any future ones I’m not gonna take lightly.

Weapon Balancing:

My goal in running servers is always to ensure the game is fair, and everyone has a fair chance at winning. A while back, when the weapon pack containing the m24 and bullshite was added, I really was not aware of how powerful these weapons were.

The damage of both the M24 and Bullshite will be significantly reduced. The bullshite will likely be set to deal slightly more damage than the deagle and recoil slightly more, and the M24 will keep its ability to zoom in really far but I’ve gotta find a good value to knock the damage down to. If anyone has any suggestions, throw them at me.

Pointshop Updates:

So this morning I was working on trying to get Pointshop 2 to update on TTT for probably like the 15th time. We’ve been stuck on a very old, laggy, dysfunctional version for quite some time. I was finally able to remedy a method that allowed for the new PS2 to be functional on the server. So… (knock on wood) I think it’s finally updated and on the newest version. This SHOULD fix a lot of the lag issues and SQL issues the TTT server has had recently. I’m not 100% on this, but I think that a lot of the XP and time resets were happening due to excessive latency from the outdated PS2.

Since PS2 is finally updated, I took the chance to add some new pets in this morning. There are 4 new ones in regular shop, one in premium shop, and one in crate only. I’d also like to find some new playermodels to put onto TTT to replace some older ones that not many people use. I will be on vacation from this Thursday May 10 until May 22, while I’m gone if the staff could figure out a way to get community input on which model(s) can be removed and give me models to replace them with that were voted on by the community, I’d be happy to add some new models for you guys. Of course the hitboxes would have to be tested thoroughly before any new models are added. When finding new models to add, try to find files on the workshop that are small in size.

With the update, daily rewards were also added again. The glitch where you could claim the reward multiple times by spam clicking was fixed.

I think this is everything I have to say for now. Admins, I expect you guys to be on your best behavior and to be increasing your playtime. Summer time is upon us in the coming weeks, the server will be at its peak numbers and desperately in need of guidance.

If I think of anything else I need to say, I’ll edit it into this post afterwards, as I want to give you guys time to read this before I leave for vacation Thursday.
I like, I like alot

Cheers Dink, I truely appriciate that some of the bigger thorns in my side on TTT are getting attention.
Resigned Staff since 03-26-2018.
I'm very happy to see these issues being addressed finally, Now i can only hope that they get dealt with in a mature manner. Thank you for supporting us Dad!
I see alot of admin blaming but no responsibility taken for the shit you have done. Examples being going around the admins and unbanning people without telling us, Bantz anyone? Then you turn right around and ban someone with no proof "because someone said so." Or how about when you make posts like this and don't look into what you're talking about, like the post you made saying we "refused" to invite PH staff to the discord. And where is your 10hrs in 2 weeks?

The reason most of the admins don't give a shit is because you refuse to talk to us, you refuse to listen to us, you do things without letting us know, then you blame us for everything.
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Scoovie I'm allowed to ban or unban whoever I want from my server at any point in time and I don't need anyone's approval to do so.

That's no reason for admins not to give a shit. You may not have "refused" to invite PH staff to the discord, but the PH staff who left said the toxicity from TTT that pushed them away started at the top with the admins.
Actually it is a reason, why? because we have to deal with the consequences afterwards, you don't. Right the admins are to blame again thats fair considering we hardly ever talked to PH but sure. Remember when you listened to people who had no idea what they were talking about and took their advice on stuff, rippe with PS2 and renzo on the jumppack. You took away PS2 from Queef and he stopped giving a shit because rippe destroyed it. Again don't blame the admins for everything, you're at fault to.
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I'm glad to see some issues addressed here with the revision you've made Dinkleberg. Fixing some statistics with guns and point shop fixes sounds like a very helpful component for the server at this time, as well as some more monitoring on the admins (although I can't speak much on the issue without sounding biased). Ensuring the staff community feels welcome and respected by others and other staff is important in keeping morale fair and allowing staff to remain focused and also have some fun when it's fine to.
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or maybe both parties are at fault for different things

grow up
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The problem is you try to do everything Dink. You have admins and co-owners to help but you don't trust them to do anything. Co-owner might be the most pointless role on the server tbh because all they can do differently from admin is promote. Co-owner should have more responsibilities with stuff outside the server like updating maps and or fixing guns and what not. The problem with PH is that it grew too quickly. We needed a lot of help when it came to number of upper staff considering Starky and mkkay were really the only two admins that got on consistently. He needed another admin since Roger was busy with work and you never really responded to him. It's hard to run a server by yourself let alone 4. If you give the co-owners (and Nicky) access to their specific servers files, they can do a lot more and the admins could vote on what gets changed or implemented.

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