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TTT Map Suggestions
This map came out on the 12th, its a ZS map for now but its getting a TTT version in October. Its absolutely massive and spooky as hell.
9/18/19 List updated. Removed added maps. Removed denied maps.
[Image: W7OWiln.jpg]
#73 cool map
bring back clue
[Image: 7onE1Qa.png]
I am t-  J - s not t - G - s and especially not the plural of tj. That would be retarded.
(09-08-2019, 03:06 PM)tjs65 Wrote: bring back clue

We have a new-er clue that hopefully could be added, needs testing though
[Image: W7OWiln.jpg]
I'll be disappointed if ttt_vast doesn't have Bonercock written in big letters somewhere on it, but being serious most of these maps look fun but would need to be tested for exploits
[Image: 20190829095751-1.jpg]
[Image: 20190901213726-1.jpg]
Ayo this map got an update and apparently supports TTT, may be a good one.
I do a reccommend for TTT_Lego

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