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TTT News Bulletin - December
The TTT News Bulletin 12/28/19

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope you all are having a good break so far as the year ends. 

I'm here to announce a few changes being made or that have already been made.

Rule Changes

Hopefully most of us have noticed by now that we changed the test or kos rule we had. Now detectives can only call test or sus during round, and may be able to call test or kos in overtime. The same requirements still apply when a detective tries to test (Calling the name of the player that is close to the detective AND tester with ample time given).

Also, we still have the no spoiler one month grace period rule for the new Star Wars movie active. This will be lifted on 01/19/2020. 

Staff Application Additions

The upper staff have felt that there's only so much that we can go off from the current staff applications. The questions such as, "Why do you want to help the community?" or "What can you do to help the community?" can only give us so much information on the level of competency an individual has. While we have the time requirements for staff application committee's to vote, it's not like we can be there at all times to see if someone could handle their desired staff rank. We want to make sure you guys are prepared.

@Gabe and I have been working on a sort of followup after an application is made. Three google forms have been made for each rank where the applicant will answer a number and variety of questions. As serious and maybe even extreme as this may sound, the person is completely fine to look at the MOTD to help them. 
I will iterate here though, that you may NOT ask others to help you answer the questions. If you are caught doing so, we will deny your application. 
These are designed to assess your preliminary ability to handle certain situations and test your knowledge. You must work independently.

The kinds of questions that there will be:

  1. Trusted - 3 RDM report questions. 
  2. Test Mods - 2 Harassment + 2 Situational report questions.
  3. Moderators - 3 Ban questions (One on handling ban requests) + 2 Situational questions. 
* Answer the questions individually and carefully. 
** We will not be needing/seeing your emails from the google forms. 
*** Your answers will only be shown to the appropriate committee that handles which ever staff rank applications. 

Future Plans / Conclusion

I'd like to wrap this up with what we intend on doing, which is looking at the jump pack and testing it out when we have the ability to do so. We are listening to your complaints and suggestions, so feel free to share if you have an idea that would be beneficial to the community/server.
Hope you all have a good new year!
Someday those new maps will be added..... 


does anyone know what page in the necronomicon explains the summoning ritual for Dinkleberg?
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(12-28-2019, 10:56 PM)Nicol Bolas Wrote: Someday those new maps will be added..... 


yes that could happen along with removing ones not played or just bad
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remove every map except new inno motel and add new ones pls thx
I'd like to add my update as well to the Weapon Stuff. Everything is basically good to go, in regards to being ported over to the test server. As of right now, I'm looking into tweaking Equipment Stuff on the side of Balancing. Chances are I'll make no changes there, but I just want to look around for a lil longer till we greenlight it.

Expect an update from me in like a week or two. I'll probably make a thread with changelogs once everything is live on the Test Server. Plan to do a community feedback period as well during that time, before we go live. As for the rest of the bulletin, I appreciate the additions to applications. Ty for the update Badmins.
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
Resigned TTT & Deathrun Admin.
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