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The TTT News Bulletin: November
The TTT News Bulletin 11/24/19

Hello everyone!  I’m here to make an update thread for the TTT server to share some new additions/changes that have happened since our last update.

New Playermodels
As you may have seen on server, we have some new player models!  These were added to replace some of the older player models that were removed previously.  We have added Giorno, Alucard, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn.  These player models can be found in the regular pointshop, one in the premium pointshop, and one in the model crate.

New Traitor Item
A new version of the poison dart gun has replaced the old version in the T shop. This version has three darts, and you can choose between three types of darts: poison, mute, and blind.  If you find any issues or bugs with this new dart gun, please report them on the forums, discord, or to a staff member.

New Maps
We are currently deciding on new maps for the server!  The Suggestions Team went through the list of suggested maps and tested ones that would work with the server.  Feel free to vote for maps you want to see and add any questions or concerns you have on the thread. You can find that thread here

Hit Reg
Previously, the TTT server had a hit reg addon that was designed to improve the standard Garry’s Mod hit registration.  With a recent update to this addon, the hit reg addon was readded to the main server.  If you notice any issues or bugs with this current update, please reach out on the forums or discord or to the staff so we can address these issues.

Strike System
Today a new system was implemented for TTT staff that’s based on a three-strike system to help the admins address issues in the staff system and keep a record of incidents that occur.  To reiterate to all TTT staff, this is NOT going to be something where strikes are handed out left and right. The list provided in the thread is a set of guidelines for admins to consider when giving verbal warnings and strikes.  We can still choose to give warnings and such as we see fit without the strike, hence why it will be a case by case decision.  The thread pertaining to this new Strike System can be found here.

This is it for the updates.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on this thread or reach out in dms.  And finally, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrate and safe travels!
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~
most of the maps will probably be added except the ones that are super big yes cool.
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Fuck yes I can finally be a goth girl

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