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Trash's Test Mod application
Ingame name: [blue]Trash
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:223658414

Time played: 231 hours on the server

First joined: Some time during march I joined and started to become more active. 

Availability(Approx. times you play, and time zone): (Eastern time) Monday - Thursday; 5pm-10  Weekends; Whenever I'm up or not busy. 

Rank Desired: Test Mod

Current rank: Trusted

What can you do to help the community?: 
I can help new players get to know the game as well as keeping ghosters, hackers, ect. out of the server and make sure everyone is following the rules in the server while still enjoying themselves. I'm also able to record if anything happens on the server. I feel like if i was a test mod, I can help out more. 

Why do you want to help the community?: 
This is the only game and server I play on gmod. It is my favorite server since the people here are nice are very welcoming when new comers join in. Id rather not have the community ruined or brought down. This is a really fun community and I have memories here, so I'd like to give back and help it out. Dink's PH feels like a home to me. I've made many friends and want to help this community become stronger.

Have you've been previously banned?(Link relevant posts): No

Have you previously applied for staff?(Link relevant posts): Yes (my trusted application)

How did you find us?: When I first got gmod, I watched a lot of prop hunt videos and decided to play some. I clicked on a random server and ended up on Dinklebergs.
                                                                                                    ~ Sincerely Trash 
+1 for me ! she knows the rules, enforces them properly, fun to be around with and a wonderful friend, shes great get a long person, fun to pick on Smile she deserves a promotion from me! Smile GOOD LUCK GIRL ! Smile :3
[Image: 2v9ewr8.jpg]
+1 if you don't give this girl a promotion then there is something wrong with you
+1 From me. active and very kind unlike some of our more direct mods. She would definitely bring good balance to the team!
+1 Does a good, 10/10.
 A S T H E T I
Make sure to make the day.               [Image: Banned.gif]
+1 from me she is kind to everyone but isn’t afraid to enforce the rules she’s on everyday and a lot of people love her

Trash is an amazing friend to all of us on the server, it would be quite delightful if she got promoted to Test Mod

Why say no when you can say HEELLLLL YEEEAAAHHH?!

Good luck Trash!
+1 from me nice person, active, and really loved by the whole community.

+1 from me

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