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remove leyhitreg.
So leyhitreg has been here for atleast 3months as far i know shots actually register on the head more commonly now but not 100% of the time main problem here is it either registering when the shot didn't even hit someone or it registering twice this is a very annoying issue its happened countless times even allowing weapons such as the winchester to register twice AND 1SHOT TO THE BODY it registering twice is very very common and happens every round heres some evidence
aethor has plenty of clips of why it should be removed tbh.
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(03-26-2020, 06:11 AM)Christian Wrote: aethor has plenty of clips of why it should be removed tbh.

I probably do as well, it’s broke. Hopefully there’s a better alternative out there.
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my way of dealing with le shitboxes.gma is to intentionally aim incorrectly because that somehow warrants a hit
or just stop trying entirely and just go for insane flicks every shot ( but yes hitreg bad pls fix )
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I don't think anybody disagrees with you, but there's no safe alternative that's been suggested so far.

Also please for the love of god dink stop rolling back to old addon updates because it causes things like this
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I'm willing to do whatever will help make it better. If you guys think it would function better without it we will try it. I don't know of any alternatives.
The issue with removing it is we do still need a hitreg. Nobody ever mentions a solution with these threads it's just "remove it ". We don't really have an active dev team that can custom code a hitreg that works any better than leyhitreg.
I think a part of the problem is that Gmod is dying off somewhat in terms of hardcore development.
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