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Requirements for Discord Staff Applications
  • Be active in our server's Discord and community in general.
  • Be part of the Discord community for at least two months
  • Follow the format below
  • Be sure to put your Discord ID. Should look something like this Avi#4653
  • Be 18+ (certain situations and content is not appropriate for underage users and this protects the staff from accessing content they shouldn’t be able to)
Use the provided format and make a new thread with it in this subforum. The community will then post their opinions of your rise through the ranks. When you post your application you may want to try and inform any current staff members you know, as their posted opinions of you will help your application. Discord staff will then deliberate and determine if your application is approved. You will be informed of when you are approved or why you were denied. 
Submit only one application for the next applicable rank, as only one will be considered. Carefully read this page and write the application as accurately as possible the first time. Major edits may confuse the admins and members commenting. The application will be reviewed by an admin vote and a response will close the thread. Applicants will wait one month between applications regardless of acceptance or denial.
Use the format below when applying for staff. Fill all fields to the best of your ability.
Left alignment only, do not use center or right align in the application.

Discord Name: 

Discord ID: 

When First Joined(Estimate): 
What is your age:
What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator):

What can you do to help the Discord community: 

Why you want to help the Discord community: 


Make sure you use this format.
Good Luck!

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