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Jaerixon's Trusted Application Part 2 - The Sequel
(06-28-2020, 09:20 PM)Geist ❤ Wrote:
(06-28-2020, 09:12 PM)Jaerixon Wrote:
(06-28-2020, 08:39 PM)Geist ❤ Wrote: I'm actually going to be taking back my +1 until I figure this out. Why were you joining in with people on the server trolling another player? You changed your name to mock another player when you know they don't like it, will you go along with trolls when you're staff as well?

Jesse is my friend and if what I did upset him, I hope he knows that I am truly sorry, and that was not my intention at all. He's a great player and adds a ton of personality to this server. He has even supported my application to staff as you can see on the first page. I wasn't really paying attention much to the specifics of what Jesse said about somebody stealing his name, but to me, what seemed to upset him was that someone was seriously pretending to be him and using that to get Jesse attacked. Someone pretended to be Jesse and was intentionally trying to get people to KOS him and KOS Jesse in return. That's messed up and not good at all. That is not at all what I did. 

I changed my name to JesseTheLivingCowboy after some other people had changed names, for I think two rounds at most. I wasn't trying to harass him or anything, I thought I made it pretty clear it was me. Someone changed their name to "Jaerixon", but they weren't using it to target me or come after me, so I didn't care. Several people were changing their names. No one was being hurt or harassed or damaged. We had people on much more senior than me and they didn't say anything. I made it very clear who I was from the very beginning. I used my scripted key saying I was "Jaerixon", I was speaking on voice chat to make it obvious I was Jaerixon, I did not in anyway try to "mock" Jesse". When Foxka finally did ask me to change my name, I said "Sure no problem" and changed it immediately. 

When trolls came onto the server earlier today and started really teasing Jesse, like really going after him, I did not fucking stand for that shit. I went online and got mods as soon as I could, I immediately started recording to gather evidence, I did everything in my power to protect Jesse from real harassment. Same for ExperienceOrb. Again, Jesse is my friend. He seemed set off by whoever has messed with him earlier and seemed angry and upset. I was hoping to engage him and to help him laugh it off. I was trying to make him feel special. I didn't mean to offend him, and again, I am sorry, really sorry. It wasn't my intention. I just wanted to help.

This is a respectful response, I understand that you thought because people were messing around that it was harmless to do so as well. Just know from now on that some people aren't up for this kind of stuff and even become heavily irritated by it. As staff we are supposed to be held to a higher standard (even if we fail at it) so just keep these things in mind. I don't believe you were "harassing" him on purpose.

Updated back to a +1

Thank you. I will remember this and use it to be a better staff member (if approved).
For the last time, it's pronounced JAIR - ICKS - SON
Don't sweat the small stuff man, accidents happen, we aren't all perfect, all we can do is learn and make ourselves better. Anyone that actually knows who I am can attest to that. Still a +1 from me.
If you can read this you're gay.
+1 i feel you'd make a great staff!
Your application has been accepted. Congratulations and welcome to the staffing team!
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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