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Looking for a Fan
First if this is not the place to post this im sorry i never enter forums.

Im looking for a new fan for my bedroom but there are different types of fans, celling fans, desk fans, floor fans, air circulator, pedestal fans and tower fans.
I just want to know what kind of fan is best to keep me cool at night.

i dont have much space its like 2.5 x 3 meters or 8.2021 x 9.84252 feet or 98.4252 x 118.11 inches bedroom, its a bit cramped in here, i have a bunk bed, right infront of the bed is the desk and the pc.

I do have a AC but its broken and even if it worked i only have it on like 1 hour because it's expensive to keep it on for a long time.

Thanks to anyone that looks at this post.

P.S im sorry for my poor english
Fans will only do so much for keeping a room cool for the most part, when you use a fan it pushes the hot air in your room all over the place but doesn't ever really get rid of it. AC units focus on pulling hot air out of the room and replacing it with a new layer of cold air. I would recommend a window ac unit if you have window in the room (these are the most energy efficient) and they have ones that are for smaller rooms. If you have to go with a fan then get a tower fan (a tall one that oscillates) and crack a window or your door so the hot air is getting pushed out of the room. Good luck dude.
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