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Offender's Name: KoreanSpiceyGarlicc

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:526746963

Potential Witnesses: Daisy, Snicks, Noire, Wilson(Whaleson)

Reason to Ban: Trolling, being hateful/disrespectful, using slurs, harassing players

Other:  The 30 second clip was the end of this, but he had been being rude and disrespectful over mic/in chat for ~45 minutes.  Snicks had to gag him a few times. 
url=][Image: b_560x95.png][/url]
+1, he's still being disrespectful even till now. he's been mic spamming songs as well even after Nicks told him to stop multiple times.
Yeah, this guy had about 10 different warnings and continued on.

Ban pls.
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He continued to do so after you left for about an hour - both mic spamming and being disrespectful. Him and his friend momohawk, who started saying the n word with the hard R tried to punishment evade but the donors helped me with the immediate gag and mute when they kept joining back (I also kicked but they joined back). I do have a short recording as well that shows this and will post it as soon as I just cut it when I wake up! But Noire, Daisy, Ricky, Tigerlicious, and Krevso can all back this up.
Okay for the video it's not enough evidence its only 30 seconds for me Idk if that's for everyone else. Yes he said one little trolling thing but that's not enough evidence to even ban Him

I'm just going to put this out there

Can y'all download Obs or any type of recording software and post the videos on yt

Because with short videos like this ain't going to get that person the punishment that is needed

-1 Have a good day everyone
I honestly don't understand why more proof is needed, if you cant judge whether a ban needs to be issued in-regards to an obvious trans-phobic attack (which lasted more than an hour without anyone really caring apart from nicks/daisy), you should reevaluate your choices.

He's a horrible person who is only here to cause trouble.

I mean in the video he only said one statement which was pretty bad but he only did it once. I have no doubt he probably said a lot more stuff after that but Zack is just saying they still need more proof to take proper action. I usually record just using gmod demos and then go back and record them with my phone to post them on YouTube.

here's proof of korean evading punishment 2/3 times, getting kicked twice, disrespecting staff (nicks), and mic spamming by playing music (its not the first time he's done it, just the first time on recording) on top of the video socks sent.
I'll approve this ban this request but as zack said, i need more evidence than that for a ban, and it seems he got the right punishment anyway for now. 
he will then get a 12hr ban.
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