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B0T for Discord Staff (Another Discord Bot? much wow!)
Discord Name: B0T. ikillyou

Discord ID: ikillyou#4676

When First Joined(Estimate): 07-20-2020
What is your age: 26

What rank are you applying for (Helper or Moderator): Helper

What can you do to help the Discord community: I believe I am capable of helping where needed with moderation of discord. I know the rules and guidelines in discord pretty well and I would love to help enforce them. I am very professional when it comes down to enforcing the rules and ensuring people get the help they need when they need it. I have had experience with discord before as well since I do have my own discord as well with 250+ members. I am aware of how discord bots work and how they can be utilized to moderate discord. I also am always active on discord either on my PC or my phone. I know how to deescalate situations when needed and when it is appropriate to use the access given as staff on discord. I am always willing to help when needed and I would love to help with coordinating gatherings as well. I am also a good mediator as well. 

Why you want to help the Discord community: I think the Dink's community is an awesome place to be at and I would love to help keep it that way. I would love to have the discord used more between staff and members and I believe that being active will help push members to use discord more. I want to see more of our players feel comfortable using discord and utilizing it as the awesome tool it is. It will help bring our community together across the board. I think the discord staff has done an amazing job and I would love to help if a situation does arise but you guys do have a good grasp of things on discord for sure! 

Other: Thank you for your consideration! 
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+1 i think u would make a good addition to the discord staff team we could use the help and you are more than capable of being a helper
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Future owner  Big Grin
B0t you would make a great helper for the discord! Seeing you staff in PH (yes I know there's going to be differences between everything, etc, etc) you'll get the hang of the rules and procedures quickly if you are granted the title.
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Wait, someone else is actually going for this position? 

Yeah, I'm going to go with a +1. Your reputation speaks for itself, so I don't really feel the need to explain why I think you deserve the position. Best of luck on your app!
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Big +1 from me! You've proven yourself to be a valuable aspect of the staff team, so I think discord staff would fit you perfectly! Good luck.
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+1 you seem like youd pay attention without needing someone to ping you and that's the biggest issue right now with discord staff IMO
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One last bump before a decision is made.
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+1, b0T is a mega good boy, he spends way too much on discord and pays way too much attention in the server. Give this man's the chance to watch over those bad noodles in the server. He has major experience in dealing with rule breaking in discord and is very cool headed in many situations. He's one of our newest ph trusted and he's crushing it. I bet he'll do well as a discord staff.
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[Image: LoMemiJ.png]

+1 Since he best in game staff on Prop Hunt not just

From experience from previous experience but adapting to more

I seen him on discord most times to know when to staff

professionally and at time just chill and chat with other players.
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You would be a great helper for discord, you pay attention in discord a lot and with any pings regarding PH you always respond back if you can pretty fast.
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