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Coffee Talk, Part 2
Alright, so here's an update on coffee from me, gang:

For the longest time, I thought of Gevalia was the cream of the crop; I thought there couldn't possibly be any better coffee in the world; my God, I was so absolutely and unbelievably wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you.... the 1320 Blend from City of Saints; it is by far one of the greatest medium roasts I have ever drank. Absolute perfection in a cup, especially when it's French Pressed.

Here's a description of the 1320 Blend from Taste Coffee's website, where my friend got the roast from: "Big, bold notes of walnut greet you at first sip, with soft apple acidity and chocolate sweetness close behind." 

This coffee, all I can say is... HOLY SHIT. It was like heaven in my mouth as I drank it; it didn't even need flavored creamer, as all I had it with  it was Land O Lakes Half and Half with some Domino sugar. I immediately signed up for a subscription for said website, and the 1320 is going to be my second order after my one free bag of coffee arrives (I got referred by my friend so I got a free bag of coffee that was worth nearly $15). If you haven't checked out websites for Coffee Subscriptions, I HIGHLY Recommend Trade Coffee; they give you a questionnaire that is very intricate and helps you find coffee that is for you. They already hit me with 3 items on a queue based on the first bag that I bought (I replaced one of them for the 1320 blend.) Also, don't feel like you ever have to worry about selection; there are 412 different blends to try from 50 different brewing companies/farms. 

Trade Coffee lets you customize how frequently you get coffee. For me, I'm doing 2 bags every 6 weeks. How does this process work? Simple: I make the order, they then send said order to the brewer. They brew the roast, and then I get it shipped to me. It's either pay $14.75 for one bag or $12.50 for two, so obviously two is the better option. The descriptions they have of their coffees literally sound like they're discussing wine, it's honestly quite hilarious to read some of them. Here's one that'll be ordered in December for me: 

"So complex but squeaky clean - we bet Brian Wilson would approve. Big and bold with a cocoa-like structure supporting a peanut-buttery sweetness."

So yeah, in conclusion, do some research, get a coffee subscription, and really expand your horizons; there's so much out there than what you see at the grocery store. Don't get me wrong, this is something you should only do if you have a stable money supply coming in; however, if you can, YOU SHOULD. 
It is totally worth trying at least once. I'm so confident that you'll enjoy it, if you want, I'll literally send you an email that lets you get one free bag, and then you can cancel the subscription before the next order goes in! Unfortunately, I'm only limited to three referrals so I can't go absolutely nuts with that. 
Angry Angry it's just gmod, why so serious!?!?!?!?!
You should look into ordering some beans and making your own.
I just drink what the girl in the bakery by my work makes me when she says I look tired
Coffee makes me poop
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Part 2? uh ok, i think coffee with cream and sugar is best Wink
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boyfriend has put me onto what is essentially lightly caffeinated choccy milk, called "International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee". It is about half the caffeine per 8 oz than what a black 8 oz coffee would be from ur local coffee shop but I think that's because it has so much fucking creamer in it. If you hate coffee but need a pick-me-up in the morning this is ur new drink. It's delicious.
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